Classical Pianist Rick Starmer Mixes Up a Blend of Music on His New CD, Because I Can’t Paint Which is Due Out on Sunset Classics This June 1

Rick Starmer’s classical gem hits stores on June 1 with his new record label, Sunset Classics at Sunset Classics & Jazz (SCJ).

New York, NY, May 21, 2010 --( Classical Pianist Rick Starmer mixes up a blend of music on his new CD, Because I Can’t Paint which is due out on Sunset Classics this June 1.

Rick Starmer’s classical gem hits stores on June 1 with his new record label, Sunset Classics at Sunset Classics & Jazz (SCJ).

A CD once a title with a little color never hurts, but (Rick) Starmer has put down a full length modern day classical set of music on one CD, Because I Can’t Paint. And, the Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J) division will release the CD to stores around the world on June 1st. Don Lichterman, the head of SC&J says, “these recordings by Rick (Starmer), are some of the more important piano compositions we have released to date at Sunset Classics, and this CD has already proven to add to the incredible groundwork we have spent building the repertoire in the classical division at Sunset.” Aficionados of classical music can hear influences to Grieg, Saint-Saëns, Massenet, Debussy, Pugno and Diémer and Lichterman goes on to say, “My goal at Sunset Classics is to make every title we release an essential part of the collection for everyone that listens to classical music.”

This modern day classical performance that ends up on the “Because I Can’t Paint” CD, offers more than just a surfeit amount of accessibility, excitement, intrigue and absolute entertainment. Songs by (Rick) Starmer have been described on SKY.FM to be a “technical piece of the greatest clarity and brilliance,” and you can hear Starmer on current rotation at top classical and new age radio stations in Syracuse (WAER - 88.3 FM), Binghamton (WSKG - 89.3 FM & 91.5 FM), Ithaca (90.9 FM), Oneonta/Cooperstown (91.7FM), Elmira (91.1 FM), Corning (90.7 FM), Clear Channel / I Heart Radio, Virgin Hit Lab Radio, Jango, Last FM, Pandora and many more stations around the world. The diverse pianist will also play live in June at the Community Restaurant Theatre in Cortland, New York.

The energy, vigor and enthusiasm of his (Rick Starmer) playing are mesmerizing and dazzling for a classical styled of music artist. Thus, songs like “Ave C. & 9th” and “Where Are You?” are the two songs that start off the long journey of music on the Because I Can’t Paint CD, while “Kayla” and “Kayla Walk” are vivid recordings that help make up a coloristic palette of music on this CD. The polished end result on songs like his “Dad/Son” are a natural and accessible appealing story made up in a musical composition. And, the sense of obvious energies on songs like, “East River Sunrise” and “Winter Soul” make up the full length tangible CD for classical music fans. “He’s an absolute brilliant pianist,” says (Don) Lichterman, and that “every song on this CD is alluring to classical music fans.” (Rick) Starmer plays with a certain emotional response and is essentially considered to be a pure modern day classical music performer.

(Rick) Starmer’s 2010 recordings is an array of musical composition produced, written and performed by the classical and new age artist. His subtle and tactful clarity is how his playing can be strongly characterized and the Lichterman makes no bones about using Starmer’s music from this new CD for film and commercial productions.” The label has also begun to set the CD at all retail outlets around the world, and the CD will be set up digitally at the top outlets that sell downloads, streams and ringtones beginning June 1 this year. This well immaculate sounding works of music will be made available everywhere on June 1.

Track listing: RICK STARMER (Because I Can’t Paint)
Where Are You?
Ave. C & 9th
Kayla Six
Angel Whisperer
Kayla Walk
My Head
Empty Auditorium
Winter Soul
Taste You, Paint This
East River Sunrise
She Doesn't Know I'm Watching

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