MAYO Communications Retained by USC and California Toy Maker for Media Relations

USC hires MAYO Communications for media relations and a campaign for a study releasing the economic impact of the institution; Toy Maker D & L Company retains MAYO for an agreesive holiday shopping campaign warning against dangerous toys.

Los Angeles, CA, November 29, 2006 --( University of Southern California has hired MAYO Communications to create a buzz in the business and mainstream media around a first-time study on the economic impact of USC. The study results due to be released in December reveal how many jobs, how much income and even how many visitors are impact the state and country due to the university.

MAYO has also been retained by D & L Company, Porterville, CA for a media relations campaign alerting consumers about the dangers of hazardous copycat and store shelve knockoffs of the orginal Stomp Rocket.

Each year the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns the public about dangerous toys, but California Toy Maker D&L Company warns there are still hazardous toy air rockets being sold.

“The CPSC knows there are toy rockets still being sold today that are exact copies of rockets they classified in 2003 as ‘hazardous,’” said Fred Ramirez, CEO and President, D & L Company, which has been making the award-winning Stomp Rocket® for the last decade. California toy maker was forced by the CPSC to take the original Stomp Rocket® off the market, but according to Ramirez, the federal agency has allowed knockoff rockets, of the exact design, to remain on store shelves.

“These rockets are violating the CPSC’s own safety standards and design guidelines set out for these types of toys.” Ramirez also said, even though the CPSC knows they are “hazardous” and still being sold, the Commission has not recalled them or forced them off the market. “I would really like to know why the CPSC doesn’t extend its design requirements equally to other toy rocket manufacturers? This is not only discrimination, but dangerous for parents of innocent children across the country,” he said.

Ramirez noted that most toy rockets have small nosecones that can enter the eye socket and cause serious eye damage, including detached retinas. D & L’s ULTRA STOMP ROCKET® with its “OG-1” nose cone is a unique design. It is larger than the eye socket and therefore reduces the possibility of the eye injuries most associated with air or water powered rockets.

MAYO Communications & MAYO PR
George McQuade