to Market Bill Post’s Custom, Hand-made Knives

Maumelle, AR, June 08, 2010 --( recently announced its agreement with Bill Post of Kingsland, Arkansas to market and sell Post’s custom, handmade knives.

Like the legendary knifemaker Bill Moran, founder of the bladesmith school in Old Washington, Arkansas, where the first Bowie Knife was made, Bill Post is a self-taught knifemaker who started at a young age. Through trial and error, many books and videos and feedback from great knifemakers over the years, Post honed his skills. Today, his knives stand out for their unique curves and angles. The Post Signature fighter-style knife won Best in Show in the Fixed Blade Division at the Central Texas Knife Collectors Show last year.

One unique feature of Post’s knives is his use of Delta Post Oak wood from the The Nature Conservancy’s Kingsland Prairie Preserve. Because Post owns land adjacent to the Preserve, he is permitted to use the deads and falls from the Delta Post Oaks there. Normally, wood from this type of tree is used for common purposes, such as railroad cross-ties, and would not be very desirable for a knife handle. However, according to the Nature Conservancy, the soil in the Preserve “is extremely rare, making it a high priority for conservation. The unusual soil type—Lafe soil—is high in salts toxic to most plants…” As a result, the Delta Post Oaks there are dwarfed and very knotted, and the wood makes a beautiful knife handle.

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Teresa Harrod