Love Revenue Assurance? GRAPA Announces New Blog for Telecoms Revenue Professionals.

Louis Khor, GRAPA’s Director of Research, Launches Editorial Series on Joy and Pride of Working in Revenue Assurance.

Chicago, IL, July 02, 2010 --( GRAPA, the world’s largest Telecoms Revenue Professionals’ Association, is announcing a new series of editorials and articles, written by GRAPA’s Director of Research Louis Khor, on how enthusiastic Revenue Assurance professionals are about what they do.

“Louis is just a smart young guy who genuinely loves what he does for a living,” said Rob Mattison, GRAPA’s President. “When you talk to him you can just tell, he really enjoys what he does for GRAPA and he has a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes to Revenue Assurance. He’s never happier than when he’s listening to GRAPA members tell him about what they do, and how much they enjoy it. I think that’s why Louis can get so excited about Revenue Assurance, because that’s often how our members feel, and it’s just infectious. You can’t be around these people for long and not feel the same way.”

“Especially when Louis meets up with older/more experienced Revenue Assurance Professionals, they can find it a little difficult to take him seriously – he’s still a young guy, and someone who likes to be funny – but he is also someone who takes Revenue Assurance very seriously,” said Meredith Wisniewski, GRAPA’s 2011 Standards Production Manager. “I think it’s because he enjoys Revenue Assurance so much, and understands how demanding the job is and how smart the professionals are, that he can often be so serious about RA. Because when it comes down to it, the extent of what he already knows about Revenue Assurance comes from someone who treats it like it’s his hobby – this is what he does for fun!”

Read Louis’ editorials and articles on Revenue Assurance on his website/blog “I LOVE Revenue Assurance”:

Read Louis’ first post, where he talks about why he set up the blog, and why he thinks Revenue Assurance is so important:

About GRAPA:

The Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) was created to serve the interests of telecommunications professionals engaged in the design, delivery, assurance, fraud containment, risk management and audit of telecommunications revenue streams and approaches throughout the world. GRAPA does this through the development, formalization and promotion of professional practices; development, creation and promotion of innovative, new and more efficient methodologies; and the standardization, training and certification of those skills, methodologies and approaches.

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