The Rhion-Antirrion Bridge is the Latest Michalis Terzis Masterpiece Full Length CD Being Released at Sunset Classics on August 3rd

New York, NY, July 08, 2010 --( Michalis Terzis is ready to release his latest full length CD masterpiece, The Rhion-Antirrion Bridge, on August 3rd with Sunset Classics.

Michalis Terzis is someone that composes classical music in the most accessible, sublime and sophisticated way, and his latest full length CD, The Rhion-Antirrion Bridge is another (Michalis) Terzis album filled with what can be best described as classical pop music. Many pieces on this brand new CD are bound to be standards and traditional in the classical music world. “Considering it’s a classical music album,” says Don Lichterman, the head of the Sunset Classics & Jazz (SC&J) division at Sunset, “there are accessible mainstream pop elements to his arrangements.” Many songs on this album do have that mainstream accessibility of a Mike Oldfield and Vangelis have done with their classical music. Lichterman goes on to say that “is exactly the sense of direction we headed with the Michalis (Terzis) CD.”

Michalis Terzis is an artiste, composer and performer of classical and international world music. (Michalis) Terzis is very much able to entice classical music lovers with its vast range of melodies. His songs compellingly segue from the "The Bridge" to the atmospheric foreshadowing of "The Sea" and throughout to the “magic carpet ride” in "Antirrion". Every song on the Rhion-Antirrion Bridge album is filled with lush, soaring and romantic pieces, which are some of the most accessible and pop mainstream classical styled music to hit stores in a long time. The eleven (11) song CD is set to hit stores worldwide on August 3rd at SC&J.

For classical aficionados or if you are someone who thinks of Michalis Terzis in terms of ambient and new age music, listeners, are guaranteed to be satisfied with the entire The Rhion-Antirrion Bridge CD. The Ionian Sea is another melodic and dramatic song that makes the full length CD feels almost like a concept album that tells a story. "Time And Light, “Hesperia” show that melodic and accessible characteristic of Michalis Terzis, and suggests the cross over potential to mainstream consumers as a classical musical artist. While the label emphasizes his melodies, virtuosity and stylistic wide range on the new album, "Rion" nonetheless draws that same excellent line with its melody and Nocturno Sonata” also demonstrates a considerable amount of classical techniques with these perfectly composed orchestrations. By "Symmetria” and “Horizon-Eptanniss," along with the song, "Diapolis" round off the beautifully produced album.

The Rhion Antirrion Bridge classical music CD will no doubt prove to be a personal favorite with not only classical music fans, (Michalis) Terzis has also truly covered a lot of accessible territory with these songs. Though, there are no repetitive themes with the album, the overall vision remains to be very coherent for the average listener of popular music. And, this Sunset Classics recorded CD, is no doubt in that upper stratum in the extensive Michalis Terzis' discography of recorded music.

Michalis Terzis's first album on Sunset Classics will feature a brand new recording by the acclaimed composer from his hometown country of Greece. The upcoming CD set to hit stores worldwide on August 3rd and will be available in stores where CD’s are sold at retail, and the CD will also be made available to classical music fans as downloads, ringtones and streams in every format wherever they are sold.

Michalis Terzis bio
Mikis Theodorakis first introduced the classical music world to the works of Michalis Terzis whom is has now evolved to be one of the most important and prolific composers in the world. Michalis Terzis composes all songs from all albums in his extensive discography. His music blends accessibility with wonderful blends of traditional bouzoukis and bag lamas with great violin work to accompany the traditional instruments on every CD. Michalis Terzis was born in Axioupolis-Greece and studied piano and music theory at the Macedonikon Odeion of as well as in Athens with the Teachers A. Ainian and K.Chronopoylos. He started his musical career at 1973 by playing piano at the “Boites” (small music theatres) in Plaka: Apanemia, Hesperides, etc. below the Acropolis of Athens in the historical part of the City. He is an international award winning composer with an extensive discography before the latest CD entitled, the Τhe Rion-Antirron Bridge.

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