Adds 38 Manufacturers of Pressure Sensors to Its Directory

The online manufacturing news portal IndustrialPR introduces its latest offerings for sensors and instrumentation

Islip, NY, July 25, 2010 --(, the news site for international manufacturing and engineering professionals announced this morning in a news release the launch of its new Sensors Buying Guide. The company, a division of Industrial Leaders said the publication includes offerings for temperature sensors, pressure, humidity, torque, proximity and other sensor types at According to IndustrialPR editors, over 30 manufacturers of sensors have been added to newly revised publication serving domestic and international markets.

According to Kenneth Bell, spokesman for, the kind of sensor offerings now available on the site include, but is not limited to vibration sensors, current, light sensitive, optical, position, humidity, level measurement and pressure sensors, linear, contact, Co2, magnetic, automotive, tilt, electrical, electronic, laser, position, fiber optic, airflow, voltage, displacement and capacitive sensors primarily from American manufacturers at Bell said IndustrialPR plans to add a instrumentation-focused marketplace as part of the site to enable companies to buy, sell, auction and market various lines of sensors in real time.

“ published its new sensors guide and directory because sensors are used today in all types of equipment, vehicles, machines, robotic systems, components, mechanical devices, motion control products and other objects,” said Bell. He added, “There are also numerous applications where sensors are utilized that most people are never aware, whether it be in a small electronic part, lighting system, factory robot or any of the hundreds of other items that use a sensor to measure or detect motion, temperature, pressure, humidity, level, proximity, speed, dust, metal particle, touch, gases or other application. Journalists can reach Mr. Bell at for more information.

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Donald LaBelle