Sunset Signs Production and Distribution Deal with Memphis Based Booker and Live Music Promoter, Papa G. Records

New York, NY, July 28, 2010 --( Memphis based record label, promoter, booker and Production Company, Maverick Group Marketing Inc. (MGM) / Papa G. Records and Sunset Records / Sunset Distribution Company have announced today an exclusive worldwide distribution deal through Sunset Records / Sunset Distribution Company. The multi year contract and joint venture between the Memphis based multi-media record company Papa G. Records and with the New York & New Jersey based Sunset Records & Sunset Distribution Company is a deal that will bring current artists like Crushing Juliet and Chosen View to Sunset from the Papa G. label/company.

Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset says that “Papa G. himself (John Garrison) is one of the top A&R people in the world, and my plan is to allow him and his staff to go off to sign any artists he works personally in the Memphis areas,” and “because he books and promotes one of the best halls (The Minglewood) in one of the best music areas in the world (on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee), I look forward to having him deliver new music to Sunset for many years.” (Don) Lichterman also says that “he (Papa G.) Is on the pulse of picking up on new trends in music” and that Papa G. is also “on the pulse of hearing new bands that play live at the Memphis venues he books live shows.” Lichterman goes on to say that he is “thrilled to work with Papa G. as a great extension to my company,” let alone “watching him do his A&R for Sunset because he has brought me to hear some of the best arrays of music collectively, that I have heard in one sitting in many years.”

The new production and distribution deal will continue to develop, license, and release recorded music and any entertainment related product the Memphis based company (Papa G. Records) delivers to Sunset in any genre and/or in any format. Aside from the initial releases of the alternative rock bands, Chosen View (The Common Thread is due in stores: September 21, 2010) and Crushing Juliet (Broken Cadillac is due in stores: September 21, 2010) that are being released through the Sunset Record label, Papa G. Records plans to deliver bands in a variety of genres including Blues, Americana, Art Rock, R&B/Soul, Rock N’ Roll, and World music. The first projects through the new Papa G. / Sunset deal is slated for Fall release in 2010 with two new albums, The Common Thread (In Stores 9/21/2010) which is a brand new album from the alternative rock band by Chosen View (Sunset Records) and the Broken Cadillac (In Stores 9/14/2010) alternative album by pop rock act, Crushing Juliet (Sunset Connect). "Both of these artists are an enormous talent with key songs for radio so I want them out by the end of September this year,” (Don) Lichterman says about the first two Papa G. titles being released in the Sunset Distribution system, “we (Sunset) are extremely psyched to be able to bring his (Papa G.) music, his bands and his sense of direction with music he works to the next obvious level in this industry, I also want to get his music and bands out to more of a mainstream and global audience." The alternative sub modern rock song, “Under The Swell” by the Chosen View’s The Common Thread CD has already begun to impact radio in the US and radio overseas in Italy, and the UK and “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” on the Broken Cadillac CD have already been placed through two license (to be announced this month) deals both in the United States and in Italy.

About Sunset Records / Sunset Distribution Company
Sunset is a privately owned Don Lichterman Company. Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset’s Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. Sunset's four major divisions are the Sunset Distributed Label Group, the Sunset Strategic Marketing and Licensing Division, the Radio Sunset Network and the Sunset Filmed Entertainment Division.

About Maverick Group Marketing (MGM) / Papa G. Records / MGM, Inc.
MGM is an independent booking, promoter, production and management company based out of Memphis, TN. MGM has been booking and promoting new music artists at the most popular clubs on Beale Street in the heart of Memphis’ entertainment district for over 15 years.

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