Steve Garcia’s Debut CD, ‘8 West’ is Set to be Released Globally Through Sunset Records on August 24th

New York, NY, July 30, 2010 --( Sunset Recording artist, Steve Garcia, sets up his “8 West” ten (10) song full length CD, to be released all over the world, on August 24, 2010.

Musically, Steve Garcia is one of the most developed acoustic guitarists and singer songwriters that are breaking into the pop music scene today. He blends a traditional style of music with a strong unique vocal drawing on different styles throughout the album. (Steve) Garcia gets his influences from pop, americana, adult contemporary, blues, jazz and folk music – resulting in a strongly self –produced ten (10) song full length album with what amounts to a sound of his own. He (Steve Garcia) demonstrates that he is not your every day acoustic guitarist singer songwriter right away by showing off his powerful vocals on his opening track 'Waiting On A Train,' which opens up with a nice, americana, country and adult contemporary feel that really sets a wonderful tone throughout the entire “8 West” LP. Steve’s voice brings music lovers some of the most unique and powerful vocals that not only works perfect with the music; his songs also have this mellow feel to it.

There are many stand out songs on the “8 West” CD such as ‘The Finer Things,' 'Inside Out,' 'Fly Away,' and ‘It’s Alright.' They are a complete blend of soft sounding and alluring songs which are being worked to Triple A (AAA) Radio formats starting at the beginning of August. ''There are plenty of songs to work to radio,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset and “we are still deciding what song(s) to work first to AAA radio stations.” There are many catchy songs on this debut CD, and the constant ‘Garcia’ rhythms are evident from song to song on the album. The “8 West” CD is not only filled with a relaxing set of songs, the full length CD also envelops many music styles most likely because of the powerful vocals Steve (Garcia) bring to his own CD. Lichterman also says that “8 West” is a “catchy album that moves quickly from beginning to end,” and “everyone that listens will no doubt find themselves singing along to what are many great avenues of writing in his (Steve Garcia) songs.”

Further, the lyrics written for the songs on the 8 West album are magical yet accessible to many walks of life. Steve (Garcia) is a quintessential story teller and his songs tell many stories on this debut CD that happen to fit all respective music styles in a wonderful way. His life is still spent near the ocean in San Diego, as he refers to that life style as nuances in many of his songs. Overall, the album is perfect for every music collection but most of all, hearing these songs on the beach with groups of people would be uplifting in so many ways.

The self produced CD (8 West) has a street date for retail stores on August 24, 2010. The first singles are being worked to AAA (Triple A) radio format stations starting in early August and the entire album was recorded and mixed in San Diego, throughout the first half of the year (2010) to set it up for the summer release day (Street day: August 24, 2010).

“8 West” is the debut CD for the singer songwriter himself, along with his first release at the record label, Sunset Records. For more information about Steve Garcia, please check out his artist web site page.

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