Moravia Worldwide and Kilgray Partner in the New Realm of Translation Memory Management

Moravia Worldwide and Kilgray Translation Technologies announced today a partnership to develop and put to practical use TM Repository – Kilgray's latest language technology implementing the novel concept of Translation Memory Management. TM Managers are an emerging technology designed both to maximize leverage from existing bilingual assets and facilitate the organization of data for the training of Machine Translation engines.

Gyula, Hungary, July 30, 2010 --( As part of the partnership, Moravia becomes the first adopter of the TM Repository technology and is implementing the product in its tool-agnostic workflow. Moravia also joins the TM Repository Product Development Steering Committee and participates in beta testing.

Translation Memory Management is a brand-new area in the language industry. TMM systems consolidate existing TMs in a single database, allowing each translation unit to be richly annotated with metadata, such as segmentation and mark-up rules, regardless of the originating translation memory tool. This both maximizes the ability to achieve cross-TM leverage, and facilitates preparing high-quality data for training Statistical Machine Translation systems or building bilingual corpora via a pivot language, in the absence of data in a given language pair.

The concept behind Kilgray’s TM Repository is fully compatible with Moravia's technology strategy of interoperable language technology components. The product sets a precedent in its strong support of standards such as TMX and XLIFF and its integratability into any Translation Management System, as well as allowing the exchange of TMs without loss of vital information.

"At Moravia, we frequently encounter clients who have large collections of translation memories but fail to fully utilize them due to localization vendors using different technology stacks," commented David Filip, Moravia's Project Management Officer. "TM Repository helps us and our clients understand and realize the full value of their assets. Since its founding 20 years ago, Moravia has been an early adopter of emerging technologies. We see TM management as one of the next frontiers, and TM Repository as a clear pioneer in this area."

“We are pleased that Moravia has chosen to implement the technology and joins the steering committee of the product. It’s always hard to introduce a brand new technology but this shows that once again we are on the right track,” added Balazs Kis, Kilgray’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Moravia Worldwide

Moravia Worldwide is a leading globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, and life sciences industries to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. Moravia's solutions include localization, product testing, internationalization, multilingual publishing, technical translation, content creation, machine translation, and workflow consulting. Our dedicated testing and engineering solutions help companies succeed with their software and hardware products globally through services including test development, linguistic and functional testing, test automation and software engineering. Moravia Worldwide maintains global headquarters in the Czech Republic and North American headquarters in California, with local offices and production centers in Japan, China, Latin America, Ireland, USA and throughout Europe.

About Kilgray

Kilgray Translation Technologies is based in Hungary, with offices in Germany, France, Poland and the US. The company delivers computer-aided technologies for the translation industry. It was founded in 2004 and launched the first version of memoQ, an integrated translation environment, in 2005. All products of Kilgray, such as memoQ, the memoQ server, and the TM Repository, facilitate, speed up and optimize the entire translation process.

The networked translation suites of Kilgray are team-oriented and designed for the use of small translation teams as well as large enterprises.

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