U.S. Army Soldier 'Mista Latex' Joins Current Sunset Roster Mate and U.S. Army Soldier, ‘Nikko Starr’ by Signing a Recording Deal

New York, NY, August 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- U.S. Army Soldier 'Mista Latex' joins current Sunset roster mate and U.S. Army Soldier, 'Nikko Starr' by signing a Recording Deal from their respective Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Afghanistan.

Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset closes his second recording deal with the second staff sergeant army soldiers (Mista Latex and Nikko Starr) while stationed, deployed and fighting in the Afghanistan War.

SSG Dexter Nelams pka Mista Latex’s new CD, "Crush Tape," will be released in late September by Sunset Urban Records. SSG Nelams is with the United States Army, 92nd Brigade Combat Team, currently deployed to the Sharana district in Afghanistan. ‘Nikko’ (Starr), is the SSG with the 33rd, based out of Clarksville, Tennessee, but also is currently deployed to field battles every day during the Afghanistan War, with his home base during the war at the Clark APO.

Over the past six months, the Sunset Urban record label has now signed two separate multi-album recording deals with two separate United States Army soldiers from two separate parts of Afghanistan and this deal will now give ‘Mista Latex’ the ability to release of his debut album, "Crush Pay," during his active duty during war time and while deployed in Afghanistan. “If you think about it from positively and/or from a time line and lead time point of view,” says, Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset, “we will not only be setting up these projects during this time while they are fighting for people like me, let alone their fans, we will also be getting their music in constant rotation at radio, getting their names in the music publications, press wires and we will work their vigorously work their music out for potential license deals, in store plays, internet plays and most of all, we will be creating great revenues for their respective accounts all while they are fighting for the United States.” (Don) Lichterman also says that he “wants their minds at ease” so to speak and that “the last thing I want these guys thinking about today is their music and at the same time, if they (Nikko Starr and Mista Latex) know we are working their music, they can keep their heads and minds on our mission in Afghanistan.”

Sunset Urban is planning to release the extensive 28 song Crush Tape CD by Mista Latex by the end of the third quarter this year. The street date is currently set up for the last Tuesday in September, however, the label head (Don Lichterman) that is “not written in stone” and “the only real reason I want to rush it out before the end of the third quarter, is to get his project and name placed on the Grammy Nomination Ballot.” Grammy nominations are due by September 30th this year. And, the label (Sunset Urban) is also planning on releasing the debut Nikko Starr CD at the beginning of 2011. Although, Sunset’s Urban record label is currently working (4) full length songs by Nikko (Starr) to its licensing partners and for some airplay, but there is nothing being set up at retail and/or for resale by (Nikko) Starr until early 2011.

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