DIDXchange Wholesale Direct Inward Dialing Phone Number Marketplace Adds Ring-to Skype Beta Feature

Super Technologies, Inc. announces that over 17,000 carriers and operators, both wired and wireless, as well as newer voIP companies and social community applications providers, who are members of DIDX, have access to to beta "ring-to" Skype. Phone numbers from over 70 nations are available to wholesale IP communications suppliers with compatibility to SIP, IAX2, freeSWITCH, Kamailio, openSIPs and other protocols but also this new "ring-to" Skype for the first time in history.

Miami, FL, August 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Super Technologies, Inc. announces that over 17,000 carriers and operators, both wired and wireless, as well as newer voIP companies and social community applications providers, who are members of DIDX, have access to to beta "ring-to" Skype. It enables all active members of the wholesale direct inward dialing ecosystem to forward calls to not only session initiation protocol and IAX2 on most Windows, Linux and Mac computers and netbooks, smart phones, and other Internet devices.

"Our aim as the developer team at Super Technologies, Inc. and in this case for our DIDX solution is to enable our wholesale customers to capture more of the global market and serve as many of their users' IP communications needs as possible. Adding the Skype module to IP communications-related solutions and services for origination (direct inward dialing or in every day language for incoming calls) changes everything. Now, scores of end-users who use Skype will be able to easily buy phone numbers from 70 or more nations and 10s of 1000s of cities worldwide, not currently available on the Skype service itself. Our advice to individuals and organizations who want to use this new empowering tool, should ask their service provider if they are an active member of DIDX.net, to take advantage," stated Muneeb Iqbal, Sales Executive at Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDXchange.

What specific types of companies and entrepreneurs will be able to gain from phone numbers' ability to ring to Skype? Mobile applications providers, virtual office suppliers, and even incumbent telecoms with a softswitch will be able to add call in to Skype services via direct inward dialing for their users.

There is no other online wholesale marketplace that offers SIP/IAX2 DID voip phone numbers in over 70 countries which option to ring to Skype. The current countries that DIDX.net offers phone numbers from via its seller members include: D.R., Jamaica, USA, Canada, Russia, S. Africa,Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Noway, Poland, Germany, Peru, Mexio, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Christmas Island, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Niger, Togo, Sierra Leone, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Guinea-Bissaw, Seychelles Island, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Albania, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Antarctica, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, N. Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, Bahrain, and Georgia.

"We discussed internally the fact that the "ring-to" Skype option our developers under the leadership of Arfeen Muhammed on DIDX is still in beta. Should we enable this module for all our 17,000 plus wholesale client members of DIDX? Yes. It will be complimentary and free to active DIDX buyer members for a limited time and this will be during the beta period. Any new entities not currently members of DIDX who would like to leverage this feature should sign up on DIDX.net and then complete the set of interop tests and buyer agreement," Suzanne Bowen, Vice President and co-founder of Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX. "Listen to our DIDX podcast channel that even feeds to iTunes to learn about DIDX from its members. Let them tell you about it."

For understanding more about the DIDXchange, the marketplaces has an extensive knowledge base at kb.didx.net and an array of demonstration videos at didx.net/videos and on DIDX Youtube channels.

"We are really proud of the companies and individuals who are members of DIDXchange. They are truly a gathering of some of the brightest minds in IP communications. Offering the new "ring-to" Skype option is another way to show our appreciation. We have more surprises for 2010, too," Rehan Allahwala, inventor of the DIDXchange concept and CEO as well as co-founder of Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX.

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