Unified Communications Startups Tap USA and International SIP Trunking Thanks to Acrobits White Label SIP Solutions

Acrobits, creator of over 200 white label SIP solutions for Telecom and VoIP providers, announces its new technical compatibility and available integration with DIDX wholesale direct inward dialing phone number marketplace. Each new Internet protocol-based communications business Acrobits enables... - June 22, 2016

DIDX.net Enables New Telecom Revenue with India and Pakistan DID Direct Inward Dialing Phone Numbers

DIDX.net, leading provider of wholesale direct inward dialing since 2005, announces the addition of virtual local phone numbers of India and Pakistan, as a result of agreements completed during International Telecoms Week 2016 with reliable, licensed operators and carriers. DIDX buyers will now enjoy the expanded customer market of over 8 million Pakistani expats and 15.6 million Indian expats and even more academic and business clients which involve either country. - May 28, 2016

DIDX Announces Media Partnership and Co Sponsorship for ITEXPO All Conference Party in Warm Ft Lauderdale

To promote face to face networking for communications service providers and operators, DIDX, the 25K member strong DID phone number sales marketplace, announces its ITEXPO East media partnership and all conference party co-sponsorship. January 26 - 28, typically a cold time of the year, is the date of the typically warm Fort Lauderdale, FL venue. - January 02, 2016

DIDX Serves as Media Partner for AfricaCom

DIDX, the wholesale DID phone number marketplace of 25,000 telecom, voIP, and MVNO members, participated as media partner and blogging team member for the November 17 - 19, 2015 AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa. The DIDX team produced the popular AfricaCom blog post of "Four technologies that telecom operator dreams are made of." Participants were able to learn from MTN, Facebook, Orange and other telecom and digital powerhouses. - November 27, 2015

DIDX VoIP DID Marketplace Nominated Carriers World Most Innovative Wholesaler

DIDX, the global wholesale DID phone number marketplace for 25,000 Communications Service Providers (CSPs), announced its nomination for the 2015 Carriers World Awards' Most Innovative Wholesaler by industry personnel. The winners of the awards Best Data Center Provider to Equinix, Best Cloud... - October 29, 2015

Thanks to GITEX and ITEXPO DIDX Adds New Germany, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia DIDs

DIDX, the wholesale DID phone number marketplace that serves 25,004 telecommunications members, a service of Super Technologies, Inc., announces the addition of 7 new rate centers in Germany and 5 in the Netherlands, and 21 in United States of America as well as the new availability of DIDs of Saudi Arabia, thanks to participation in Gitex Technology Week and ITEXPO West. - October 22, 2015

MVNOs Choose DIDX to Retain Customers and Expand Phone Number Footprint

DIDX announces expansion of the wholesale DID phone number marketplace to enable mobile virtual network operators to offer phone numbers outside of their current footprint of DIDs to their mobile device users. MVNOs are the innovative future of global communications for individuals and organizations (consumer, enterprise, nonprofit, government and more.) DIDX is the new way to gain and retain mobile service customers by making available DID phone numbers from an expanded footprint of 65 nations. - August 12, 2015

DIDX Wholesale DIDX Marketplace of 25000 Participates in Comptel Plus First Time

For the first time, DIDX, also known as DIDXchange, will be a publicity sponsor and an exhibitor at Comptel Plus Fall 2013 Convention & Expo in Orlando, Florida September 23 - 26, 2013. The world's largest number of wholesale telecommunications companies (over 25,000) use DIDX to buy and sell... - September 17, 2013

Ozone Pizza Pub BoardRoom Host Pensacola's First Catch Me If You Can 5K Benefit for PensaKelly Gordon

Ozone Pizza Pub BoardRoom Host Pensacola's First Catch Me If You Can 5K Benefit for PensaKelly Gordon

Pensacola's first Catch Me If You Can Age-Graded 5K (Pursuit) Benefit Run presented by Elegant Group Inc announces the exclusive "PensaKelly" Benefit Run kickoff at Ozone Pizza Pub Boardroom on July 10, 2013 Wednesday from 7 - 10 PM. Free beer and pizza is provided for all currently paid Catch Me If You Can participants and sponsors at the Kickoff at Ozone. Others will register at the door for the Catch Me If You Can 5K Benefit for "PensaKelly" Gordon as a $25 participant or $50 - $500 sponsors. - June 21, 2013

Connected Cars Represent an Exciting Revolution

Connected cars represent an exciting evolution for consumers, car manufacturers and mobile operators alike. Research conducted by agency SBD on behalf of the GSMA reveals that, today, the global total revenue for the automotive embedded telematics market stands at around €1.5bn. But the association’s research forecasts that it will reach €20bn by 2025, by which point all cars on the road are expected to have broadband connectivity. DIDX is a media partner for Connected Cars 2013. - May 23, 2013

DIDXchange Media Partner for Informa Group's Connected Cars Trade Show and Conference in Europe for 2013

Featuring the newest connected car models, partnerships and prototypes from the leading automobile OEMs and electronics innovators, the two-day interactive exhibition and conference will open its doors in Frankfurt, home to automobile innovation and investment, on the 14-15th May 2013. Hundreds of... - October 12, 2012

DIDX to Exhibit IP Communications Publicity and Wholesale SIP DID Opportunities at ITEXPO Austin 2012

Super Technologies, Inc. announces it will showcase DIDX and the wholesale telecommunications opportunities it offers to Internet telephony service providers, fixed and mobile operators, voice and video application providers and integrators, larger corporations, channel partners, and value-added... - August 17, 2012

DIDX Members Exhibit at 2012 CTIA Wireless in New Orleans May 8-10

DIDX Members Exhibit at 2012 CTIA Wireless in New Orleans May 8-10

DIDX, world's largest and most recommended wholesale direct inward dialing phone number marketplace, will exhibit at booth 4853 during 2012 CTIA Wireless Conference from May 8 - 10 in New Orleans, LA. It also is participating in a media partnership with industry friends. - April 26, 2012

Explore APAC Mobile Learning Conference 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia

DIDX shares the returning for the fourth time since 2007, the APAC Mobile Learning Conference 2011, Asia Pacific’s premier mobile learning and edutainment event to take place June 8-9, 2011 at Hyatt Regency, Bandung, Indonesia. The annual event, held for the first time in Indonesia, is organised by The Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Advisory Panel in collaboration with CommTechAsia Sdn Bhd. The conference will feature experts in mobile learning from across the world. - May 26, 2011

Voiceserve Teams with Super Technologies’ DIDx to Mass Market Its Mobile Dialers

Voiceserve, Inc. (OTC BB: VSRV), a low-cost, next-generation Internet telephony software and service provider, announced today that Super Technologies, Inc., a leader in wholesale direct inward dialing (DID) and session initiation protocol (SIP) services, will offer Voiceserve’s award winning... - March 31, 2011

DIDX Shares Success of SIP DID Marketplace with Full Canadian Footprint at Radically Low Price

Direct inward dialing is an integral part of successful VoIP communications business. The challenge is access to a domestic and international footprint for a mobile society. Price, codec conversion, SIP trunks, caller ID, SMS-capability, and pleasing the SMB and consumers with phone numbers for... - March 02, 2011

SIP Facts Not Fiction Revealed by the SIP School and Techistan at Enterprise Connect

Contributing to truth and business development in VoIP and SIP-related business is a quest of The SIP School, Techistan online magazine, DIDXchange and thousands of others who will participate in Enterprise Connect Feb. 29 - March 3, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. The trio will use this opportunity, of... - February 12, 2011

ITEXPO Demos of How Mobile Operators Can Beat the Crunch with SIP DID and Mobile VoIP

Super Technologies, Inc. will share for the first time how its DIDXchange wholesale international DID service works with wireless operators, voIP, PBX and Centrex features to leverage the exponential growth and use of smart phones and international DID phone numbers at ITEXPO East February 2-4, 2011 in Miami Beach, Florida. - January 20, 2011

Pakistani Entrepreneur Rehan Allahwala's DIDX Invention Wins 2010 Teradata National IT Excellence Award

Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, on behalf of Teradata Corporation, announced the 2010 Teradata National Information Technology Excellence awards with Excellence in Software Development to US-based DIDX service, software and solution. The inventor, Rehan Allahwala, states this is a great honor for Pakistani entrepreneurs and software developers. DIDX is a wholesale marketplace that enables IP communications companies to buy and sell SIP DID trunking of 55 nations with one interconnect. - December 10, 2010

DIDXchange Peers with Over 17 Thousand Telecoms to Source Alaska SIP DID Footprint

DIDXchange, the leading provider of VoIP DID phone numbers among wholesale communications service providers in 170 nations, today announced availability of Alaska e.164 phone numbers. Carriers and operators, both wireless and wired, who wish to offer local presence, virtual office, and connections... - November 05, 2010

DIDXchange Announces at Gitex Conference Incoming SMS for USA and UK Phone Numbers

"The phone numbers do not have to be mobile phone numbers, but they will act as mobile phone numbers with the new capability of incoming SMS on DIDXchange. We are currently completing interop and interconnect to offer more countries' phone numbers on wholesale DIDX with incoming SMS feature," stated Muneeb Iqbal, VP of DIDX sales. - October 20, 2010

DIDX and Mobile Monday at Gitex Conference 2010

Super Technologies, Inc. is participating in the annual Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) held in the United Arab Emirates 2010 for the sixth consecutive year where it is co-hosting the exclusive Mobile Monday and DIDX Dubai Desert Safari expedition with fifty of the world's most... - October 19, 2010

Health Management System Adds SMS Plug-In for More Effective Medical Communications

Super Technologies, Inc., a USA company that specializes in software and application development as well as direct inward dialing services and hosted white label solutions, is pleased to share the success of its Health Management System SMS plug-in. Health Management System's aim is to provide... - October 02, 2010

Close the Digital Divide and Wait Time with SMS Sign Up Function for Virtual Phone Line

Virtual Phone Line, a service of Super Technologies, Inc., offers the additional and most recent SMS function that pushes the envelope by enabling anyone anywhere to use their cell phone to sign up for Virtual Phone Line service. They simply send a text to +447937900030 of "vpl signup usa superman" on their cell phone SMS. Visit www.virtualphoneline.com. - October 02, 2010

Virtual Phone Line, Sign Up and Disaster Follow Up SMS Communication Wins MoMo Peer Award

Virtual Phone Line, a service of Super Technologies, Inc. and invented by CEO Rehan Allahwala, has gone mobile and is poised to assist people and organizations around the globe to share information, solve problems and create solutions and new businesses, faster and more easily than ever. Virtual Phone Line powers the app SMS Health Management System, a MoMo 2010 Peer Award Winner. - September 30, 2010

Pakistan Mobile Sector Grows and Gets More International with the Launch of MobileMonday Chapter in Karachi

MobileMonday celebrates 10 years of collaboration, community, and innovation with the new chapter launch in Karachi, Pakistan. With Karachi becoming its 106th chapter, MobileMonday is now active in all continents. Karachi mobile community will join the worldwide group of mobile movers and shakers... - September 27, 2010

DIDXchange Membership Statistics Reflect the Global Telecommunications Ecosystem Issues and Successes

IP communications' service DIDXchange releases results of its wholesale carrier and voIP company membership ranking the most new memberships in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Such in-house statistics could be indicative of the services models changing in emerging as well as developed areas in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America as may be noted in Forbes' emerging market category. - August 14, 2010

DIDXchange Wholesale Direct Inward Dialing Phone Number Marketplace Adds Ring-to Skype Beta Feature

Super Technologies, Inc. announces that over 17,000 carriers and operators, both wired and wireless, as well as newer voIP companies and social community applications providers, who are members of DIDX, have access to to beta "ring-to" Skype. Phone numbers from over 70 nations are available to wholesale IP communications suppliers with compatibility to SIP, IAX2, freeSWITCH, Kamailio, openSIPs and other protocols but also this new "ring-to" Skype for the first time in history. - August 05, 2010

New Virtual Phone Line APIs Enable Resellers to Maximize Profits and Time Use

After recent surveys of its Virtual Phone Line reseller program, the application's inventor Rehan Allahwala announces new APIs (application programmer interfaces). Resellers have more control with new rights of creating accounts, adding their users' top-us, and issuing Virtual Phone Line numbers from up to 50 nations. - August 04, 2010

3 Million British Expats Abroad Could be Empowered by DIDXchange Local DID Phone Numbers

Super Technologies, Inc. announces wholesale telephony-related companies can join DIDXchange marketplace and take advantage of 1000 United Kingdom DIDs at $200 USD per month. United Kingdom's capital London is a global financial hub for international business, making it an ideal place to at least have a virtual presence via a "local phone number." British expatriates are first on the list for takers. - July 08, 2010

Country Code 504 Honduras Debut on Wholesale DIDXchange for Purchase by Telecom Members

DIDXchange, the leading provider of VoIP DID numbers among wholesale communications service providers in 170 nations, today announced availability of country code 504 for Honduras. A most interesting accolade from a DIDX Buyer, "We have customers interested in the gold, silver, lead and zinc mines, a government contract that needs two Honduran DIDs. There are legal revenue opps via Honduras. With a local phone number, it will be a reality for dozens of my customers to start and 1000s soon." - June 12, 2010

Super Technologies, Inc. Sponsors Smart Car Ajiel in Shell Eco Marathon

Super Technologies, Inc. and its CEO Rehan Allahwala announce its sponsorship of Ajiel, an urban concept car. It is designed carefully to meet the requirements of the Shell Eco Marathon competition which is taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010. The car incorporates a 26c.c Electronic... - June 11, 2010

DIDX Celebrates Star2Billing Fifth Anniversary 2010 with SIP DID Offer

Star2Billing, the commercial arm of A2Billing, and among the most popular open source Telecom Switch and Billing platforms available today, has announced its fifth year anniversary in 2010. DIDX offers all Star2Billing customers option for special SIP DID offer of 1000 Ohio, USA DIDs and/or... - June 10, 2010

DIDX Shares Opportunity to be on the 2010 Inc.com 500|5000 List

Let Inc. recognize and celebrate your company’s accomplishment on the 2010 list of the fastest-growing companies. One of the most prestigious honors in American business, the Inc. 500|5000 list ranks the 5,000 fastest-growing companies based on revenue growth over the span of three years: 2006—2009. DIDX encourages USA-based companies by being an Inc. Application Partner since 2006. - April 24, 2010

Super Technologies Sponsors NED Engineering University at 2010 Shell Eco Marathon

Super Technologies, Inc. (incorporated in the U. S. A. since 1999) is pleased to share its contribution to the initiatives of Shell Eco Marathon, an educational platform encouraging students around the world to design, build, and test fuel-efficient vehicles. The effort is one of many Super... - April 07, 2010

DIDXchange Members Empower Users with Phone Numbers from a Most Livable Country New Zealand

Super Technologies, Inc. via its wholesale DIDXchange service has announced the addition of the New Zealand phone numbers to 16,200 telephony service providers' DIDX marketplace. New Zealand is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on human development, quality of... - March 14, 2010

Hawaii DID Phone Numbers Added to DIDXchange Promote Tourism and More

Super Technologies, Inc.'s DIDXchange has announced the addition of the popular Hawaii DID phone numbers to 16,200 telephony service providers' DIDX ecosystem. Hawaii has been the most requested state for USA phone numbers since DIDX inception in 2005. Wholesale level IP communications are able to... - March 09, 2010

DIDX Member and Partner Podcast Interviews on iTunes

Super Technologies, Inc.'s DIDXchange, the wholesale direct inward dialing phone number marketplace, announces that the DIDX podcast channel recordings are now available for free download on iTunes. Super Technologies offers complimentary marketing and publicity with podcast interviews for its DIDX... - March 03, 2010

DIDX Enables Alaska Local Presence via DID Among Telecoms for Resale

Super Technologies, Inc.'s DIDXchange has announced the addition of Alaska DID phone numbers to the DIDX marketplace. Individual and SMB users of 16,000 telephony service provider DIDX members in 170 nations are eligible to use the DIDX API to purchase on demand. Millions of calls per month will be... - February 21, 2010

CONNECT 2010 Set to Showcase South Asia Talent with Techistan and DIDX

Super Technologies, Inc's DIDX and Techistan are selected as a media partner and press agent for the CONNECT 2010. This announcement assists with meeting a crucial need for millions of small businesses, entrepreneurs, government agencies and educational institutions in the South Asia and Middle East areas. - February 04, 2010

DIDX Offers Vietnam SIP DID, Sister Service Techistan Promotes Popular Vietnam Exhibition

Super Technologies, Inc.'s DIDX wholesale DID exchange and Techistan magazine announce that Vietnam DID are now available on the DIDX wholesale platform. In addition, the two popular online services will be media partner and press agent for the 13th International Exhibition in Vietnam on... - January 30, 2010

Empowering a Billion Lives with Convergence India Exhibition and Super Technologies

Super Technologies, Inc's DIDX and Techistan are showcasing 18th Convergence India 2010, to be held in New Delhi, India March 23-25, 2010. New Delhi, the capital city, is considered as India's largest commercial and financial center and telecommunications is a key industry spurring the Indian... - January 30, 2010

Over 12,000 Telcos Use DIDX Phone Number Platform, Algerian DID Newest Addition

Super Technologies, Inc, the leading wholesale marketplace of local telephone numbers to IP communications services providers, today announced Algeria DID (direct inward dialing over SIP or IAX2) phone numbers are available on its DIDX online platform. This enables anyone to establish a local... - November 17, 2009

VOIP Today in the East and DIDX in the West Partner for IP Communications Content Publicity

DIDX announces its partnership with VOIP Today Magazine to promote the best IP communications content possible together. VOIP Today released its first issue on October 1, 2009 with the latest news and views about VoIP, Asterisk PBX, IP PBX, converged networks, hosted PBX, and other business... - October 15, 2009

The SIP School Announces Collaboration with DIDX

The SIP School and DIDX announced their collaboration in empowering IP communications entrepreneurs, wired and wireless carriers, and developer students with SIP education. SIP, DID, and open source telephony in general are hugely responsible for millions of SMB startups and jobs. Wikipedia's... - October 15, 2009

DIDX Adds Singapore and Malaysian POPs to Total Over 17 Million DID

Super Technologies' DIDX DID and SIP trunking marketplace was a pioneer in 2005, offering the world's first truly wholesale platform for phone number buy, sell and trade. With over 14,000 members from 170 nations, it announces today its new and crucially important points of presence (POP) in... - September 02, 2009

Super-Phone Users Can Now Connect with Facebook for More Effective Branding and Communications

Super-Phone, a service of Super Technologies, Inc., today announced its successful integration with the Facebook application. The combination enables Super-Phone SMB and consumer users to connect inexpensive voice service with social media and networking to make calls from Facebook with the... - August 21, 2009

DIDXchange Media Partner to 9th ITCN Asia 2009

Super Technologies' DIDXchange is a media partner for ITCN Asia scheduled for Aug 11-14, 2009 in Karachi, Pakistan where over 40,000 are expected to participate. Four conferences in one: 9th Int’l Conference on Telecom (11th August 2009), 9th Int’l Conference on Information Technology (12th August 2009), Int’l Conference on eMarketing (13th August 2009), and Int’l Conference on Enterprise Resource Planning (13th August, 2009). - August 12, 2009

International and Domestic DID Number Sales for RLECs and Wireless Operators

DIDX.net announces a new collaboration tool to achieve the new possibilities and dreams for the RLEC. Also known as DIDXchange, it brings to the RLEC, a global market of wholesale telephony companies to buy and sell phone numbers with. When an RLEC completes the DIDX interop, it achieves an instant... - April 06, 2008

2 Way Phone Service for MSN, Google and Yahoo

Super Technologies, Inc., the makers of DIDX.net, announce during Von.x Spring 2008 the ability to make and receive calls from MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger using the communications-empowering product SuperPhone. - March 18, 2008

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