Advises Consumers to Consider Long-Term Implications of Monthly Auto Insurance

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, August 26, 2010 --( With budgets tightening across the country, households may be taking a second look at the amount being spent on auto insurance. Some may be considering switching to a policy that can be paid in monthly installments. Though consumers who choose this option will be paying month-to-month, the coverage periods will still most likely come in three, six or 12 month increments. Holders of this type of policy will enjoy not having to come up with large sums to pay for an entire coverage period, but it should be noted that insurers may in turn charge additional billing fees that could add up and eat away at possible savings. advises shoppers to use its free quote-comparison generator and carefully consider all available options with the long-term in mind.

Although consumers should be able to find suitable, monthly-plan-based coverage without too much trouble, a consumer looking for auto insurance with no down payment will have more difficulty. This is because many states require approved insurers to charge consumers at the beginning of a policy term. The reason for this is to deter any newly insured drivers from using the coverage solely as a prerequisite for registering a vehicle and then canceling coverage immediately after registration. Instead, cash-strapped car insurance shoppers trying to immediately find savings should be looking for value-priced coverage with the lowest installment and broker fees.

The best way to find a policy with a low initial cost is to shop around and get quotes from as many insurers as possible. It should be remembered that, although some insurance companies may not require a buyer to pay large up-front fees for a policy, at least the amount of the first month’s premium will be required. In addition, many installment plans require a down payment as well as an initial installment fee.

Prospective insurance buyers who feel that a proposed start-up cost is unjustly high should check the regulations set by their state. This is because some states have caps on the size of up-front fees. For instance, the Texas Department of Insurance requires that an auto insurance policy’s down payment not exceed the cost of two months of coverage.


For more information on getting insured with low start-up costs, consumers can go to, where visitors will also be able to get free, personalized insurance quotes from a range of reputable carriers.

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