A Refined, if Not Archetypal, Debut CD from the Potential-Rich Pop Act, Crushing Juliet, Their Broken Cadillac CD is Set to Hit Stores on September 14th

New York, NY, August 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Memphis based Crushing Juliet is set to release its Broken Cadillac CD with Sunset Records, the debut CD is set to hit stores on September 14th.

What is an absolute miniscule frame of pop music today, Crushing Juliet has a giant voice in so many ways. The Memphis, Tennessee based rock band, is an accessible alternative pop rock act, not only in terms of the styling, their (Crushing Juliet) debut CD, is the straight up approach to pop music today. As a product and means of expression, the debut album is flawlessly put together, with great production (David Cowell), professionally packaged, showing off what is a prized asset — for Sunset Records. It is very easy to forget that many of the pop stars of the yester year are influencing today’s pop stars with a similar scale of control with their songs. And it would no doubt be easy to appraise Crushing Juliet’s debut CD as a commercial release for the mainstream, the band is led by an impressive singer, skillful at integrating what is vocal tradition and pop rock characteristics.

Crushing Juliet is much more than your every day pop rock band. Rather, the band is releasing an album naturally understanding with a way with words, dynamic sound and with pop nuances that identity the band in a great way. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is a top quality, catchy, proficiently tailored pop song that will very likely now be being admired by pop music fans and a young audience. The first single “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, “is being set up by the label (Sunset Records), and the album is filled with other catchy songs like the song that is also the album title name, “Broken Cadillac,” to the “Kiss Me Goodbye” track and down to the closer on the debut CD, “The Words You Say,” signal a serious new vocal talent in pop music today.

Broken Cadillac is less likely to be lumped into any particular style of music, and is more likely to be seen as a quality CD from beginning to end, by a band that is being set up successes all over the world. “The band has great songs” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records, and “the response to the song and the marketing stats for the song are through the roof,” collaborating as teens, the four (4) piece band is made up with Justin McKee (Vocals), Steve Hatmaker (Guitar), Lonnie Hammer (Drums) and Alan Doty (Bass). The songs on Broken Cadillac do indeed sound perfect for the college, alternative, pop and sub modern radio markets. With a Mark Ronson-like production (Davis Cowell), the material on the album not only sounds like pop hits, they are also clear and alive sounding on every song. Likewise, the tracks, Round and Round, Dirty Girl and Street Walker also seem very familiar and the band (Crushing Juliet) has great promise with the release of the Broken Cadillac debut CD that is made up with eleven (11) alternative pop rock tracks:

Track Listing:
Let It Go
Street Walker
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
King And Queen
Round And Round
Not Losing You
Kiss Me Goodbye
Broken Cadillac
Dirty Girl
The Words You Say

The vocals (Justin McKee), is an instrument in itself which are coupled with capable song writing with great players and great production (David Cowell) are what make this album and band an one to look for and listen for this year.

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