The Chosen View is Set to Release, The Common Thread on September 21st with Sunset Records

New York, NY, August 30, 2010 --( Sunset Records is set to release Memphis based rock act, Chosen View and their The Common Thread debut CD on September 21.

Trying to categorize the Memphis, Tennessee base, Chosen View is an extraordinary assignment, not because the band is considered to confront pure classification of their sound, it is actually because they are indeed, a potential classic indie rock act. The label (Sunset Records) is all about being an indie and the band compliments it by infusing classic art sounds, with other indie rock. The signature Chosen View sound cannot be defined quickly and is suggestive of other Indie acts like The Temper Trap; with soaring vocals, tight guitar work, and colorful layers of production, hooks that build up steadily, and lyrics that are accessible to modern rock listeners today. This first album is filled with attention grabbing vocals, real, and undeniable thoughts in their lyrics, The Common Thread has a classic rock sound with the rigor of a modern day rock act, that technically, the songs and production work perfect making up the ten (10) song debut CD.

Chosen View does make their music genuinely, with ambitious production work (Jason Gillespie). Sub modern / Alternative rock tracks like “Under The Swell” and “Her” offer exceptional vocal chops, with a lot of accessibility, yet a classic feel that breeds longevity in music careers. The other songs loosen up right away with the opener, “Fell Apart,” along with “The Dive,” and then the added colorful touches on “Reaching Out,” create a full length album worth listening to from beginning to the last song (“Over The Line”). The five (5) piece rock act is made up of David Cowell (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Lockley (Vocals), Joshua Myers (Guitar), Davis Sawyer Bass) and Ryan Kildahl (Drums/Percussion).

Some other bright spots are “I Will Rise” and “You Ask Me”. The latter song offers music fans many levels of guitar fret work before giving way to a broad based bridge where the lead vocalist David Cowell shows off his chops. The former song has a striking tempo coupled with a high leveled bass line keeping the listener involved all the through to the powerful peaks. "When bands are trying to get record deals, they sometimes give up what is real and what is authentic, to try to achieve that mass popular appeal in the market places," says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records, "these guys (Chosen View) have hefty songs, with great avenues and serious color, that it’s amazing that we get to work this debut CD." (Don) Lichterman goes onto say about the band, “this is the type of band that will be working making music for decades.”

The best moments on the debut CD, The Common Thread, is a sound that has great influences by the likes of Indie bands, Foals, Bloc Party, Temper Trap, Phoenix, and even has that Radiohead feel at times. And, new artists and bands that have a thri9ving industry buzz (“Under The Swell” is featured on the CMJ Sub Modern CD Sampler for September 2010), tends to get plays at popular radio stations. Keep in mind too; the members of Chosen View are very young in age and most young bands have to develop their sound and production. The craftsmanship on this album is very impressive and especially for what is a debut CD being released by Sunset Records on September 21. The musicianship production and sound are exceptional, with the band, and many technically proficient studio players (Richard Thomas, Krysta Wroten, Anna Acosta, Darin Davies, Nick Hein, Rick Steff), and overall, the band has a great ten song full length album ready to be released in September this year (2010).

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