Performance Techniques for Voice Over Professionals

Melody Jones teaches voiceover students that it’s not their voice that counts; it’s their acting skills on Voice Over Experts at

London, Canada, August 29, 2010 --( Melody Jones has been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. She has been seen on stage, in film, television, and print. Melody’s voice work can be heard in commercials, training videos, jingles, and singing engagements across the country. Melody brings her knowledge and vast experience to the classroom, teaching her students how to captivate an audience through performance. She nurtures student strengths while banishing bad habits in a supportive, relaxed environment.

Join voiceover coach Melody Jones in her enthusiastic Voice Over Experts debut "Microphone Technique for Voice Actors.” Melody goes through a variety of scenarios regarding poor posture and microphone technique, providing solutions on how to get a freer read, with personality and a more comfortable performance.

Voiceover Experts is hosted by, the voiceover marketplace. Voice Over Experts is the industry's most downloaded educational podcast featuring renowned voice over coaches from the US, Canada and abroad, offering pearls of wisdom and tricks of the trade for novice and seasoned voiceover talent.

About Melody Jones

With over 25 years in the voiceover industry, Melody Jones shares her knowledge and voiceover skills with new and professional voice talent. Melody designs her classes in a private, comfortable environment focusing on microphone and vocal technique, script analysis, and exploring creative acting choices. Melody’s voiceover classes are designed to assess a student's current ability, target their strengths and build upon them.


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