City Lights Bookstore, S.F. has Advance Copies of Alphar Publishing's New Novels

Meet the author and publisher, 4pm, January 4, Vesuvios cafe and bar @ City Light's bookstore, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, City Lights bookstore is stocking advance copies of four of Alphar Publishing's new releases.

City Lights Bookstore, S.F. has Advance Copies of Alphar Publishing's New Novels
New York, NY, January 03, 2007 --( City Lights bookstore stocking advance copies of four of Alphar Publishing's six new releases:

"Godless" by Drew Stepek, who says, "Godless is free of the burdens of myth. and is about the death of God in our society and how it leads an individual down a path of self-destruction."

"The power of an idea (or God) is revealed by its fruits ... Drew Stepek has strong opinions on everything from Bush to Bolemia and an entertaining presentation. His personality has recently captivated national television audiences." - Publisher's review.

"Wanderlost" by non-generation author Ben Olson is a fast journey across America on the rails which records what happens beneath the cracks.

Ben Olson says, "The book is a backlash to this dumb culture taken over by a crassness of people who are all passionately apathetic." Ben is only 25 years old and has already had a couple dozen articles published in weekly newspapers and some literary journals. Ben is a prophet howling at the American landscape, in the same vein as Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. Here is a straight shooting voice destined fo impact in American literature." - Publishers review.

“The Progress of Man,” says author Dr. Thomas Moore, "is a camp romp within the Republican Party about conflict between Dubya and “We The People,” both struggling with internal crises. Dubya loves his wife Liberty Bell but a tragic dysfunction has sprung from Dubya’s relationship with his God, and his nemesis; “We The People”. There is a comedic vein: Dubya finally completes the resolution of his inner conflicts by joining another secret society, the Knitting Club, a radical men’s group. Dubya appoints the director, Muleskinner, to run the country, with help from Hillary Clinton, and contracts Al Gore to wage war on the environment, while he takes Liberty on a second honeymoon to a fall-out shelter. Our self-destructive traits are probed within this portrait of Dubya."

"Dubya’s character, as one who knows, is cast cleverly and contrasts with that of his partner, Liberty Bell, a modern woman and a natural foil. Images of conflict between socially privileged versus deprived arise with a sense of the  psycho-sexual, and what is MOST brilliant about this book is the way Dr. Moore gets inside the establishment to chide the antagonist, “We The People”, and imparts a strong sense of humanity to the Dubya character's flaws and burdens." - Publisher's review. 

“Upland Road” by Thomas Moore, is an inner journey about the redemption of a drunkard’s sensitive daughter, who is already haunted by grim sexual memories. She is determined to marry well. Lillian awakes from the drugs and just has to tell Dylan, her love, that she had aborted their child. Then, after years of torment, haunted by a child she has never met, the nightmares slowly give way to reality: What can she do? Natalie, the child of her nightmares already exists, too close to her, demanding attention now.

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