Booksmith Bookstore Holding Alphar Publishing's New Releases: Readings Jan 5.

Alphar Publishing hosts "Meet the Author" at famous Persian "Aub Zam Zam" cafe & bar across street from Booksmith who hold Alphar's new novels at 1644 Haight, San Francisco, Friday, Jan 5, 5PM.

San Francisco, CA, January 04, 2007 --( Booksmith bookstore, the award winning independent bookstore, is carrying advance copies of  Alphar Publishing's new releases at 1644 Haight, SF. Readings from 5pm at Aub Zam Zam bar opposite, after repsects to distinguished former patrons such as Herb Caen.

"Godless" is by Drew Stepek, who says "Godless is free of the burdens of myth and is about the death of God in our society and how it leads an individual down a path of self-destruction."

"The power of an idea (or God) is revealed by its fruits... Drew Stepek has strong opinions on everything from Bush to Bolemia and an entertaining presentation. His personality has recently captivated national television audiences," - Publisher's review.

"Wanderlost" by non-generation author Ben Olson is a fast journey across on the rails which records what happens beneath the cracks."

Ben Olson says, "The book is a backlash to this dumb culture taken over by a crassness of people who are all passionlessly apathetic."

"Ben is only 25 years old and has already had a couple dozen articles published in weekly newspapers and some literary journals. Ben is a prophet howling at the American landscape, in the same vein as Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. Here is a straight shooting voice destined for an impact in American literary circles." - Publishers review.

“The Progress of Man,” says author Dr. Thomas Moore, "is a camp romp within the Republican Party about conflict between Dubya and “We The People”, both struggling with internal crises. Dubya loves his wife Liberty Bell but a tragic dysfunction has sprung from Dubya’s relationship with his God, and his nemesis; “We The People”.

Cemetery by Jill Province, is the story of Mitchell Becker who cautiously steps back out into the world armed with only one year of sobriety.  His mission: to ask for forgiveness and win back Jodi's heart.  Both become impossible when Jodi Becker is murdered and he becomes the only suspect.  Although his key witness can't help him in the conventional sense, she offers a solution no one ever thought possible.  Jill Province is an addiction counselor who was born in New York and educated in Miami and the Georgia School of Psychology and creates an extraordinary world of human conflict around mental health treatment facilities and supernatural media.

“Upland Road” by Thomas Moore, is an inner journey about the redemption of a drunkard’s sensitive daughter, who is already haunted by grim sexual memories.

"We All Fall Down” is a harsh adult novel exploring Christianity, a subject that is rarely tackled in this way. Brian Caldwell says, "Now that my generation is in its 30’s and 40’s, we can just start to eyeball death down the road and we’re raising kids and we’re starting to feel the effects of being locked out of our own religion. I wanted to write a book that someone who read Fight Club wouldn’t be ashamed to pick up and read. Does anyone really think that if Jesus came back that he’d be hanging around with Bush and the gang demonizing the homosexuals and the illegal Mexicans?  Calling Gas Chambers showers doesn’t change what they really are anymore than throwing the word compassionate in front of conservative makes that true.

"There’s horrendous violence in We All Fall Down. But it’s not a Christian book.  It’s a book about Christianity.  So, yeah, it’s totally appropriate.  In the world I live in, people don’t say ‘heck’ or ‘fudge’.  People talk about the enormous amount of swearing, but they really should walk down the hall of a high school and they’d see I downplayed it. This is one of the problems of what Christianity’s become.  It’s supposed to deal with sin, but it refuses to face up to it.  We All Fall Down is about the end of the world, about a world without God, how do you write that with even the smallest amount of realism and not include sex and violence and profanity.  You don’t overcome sin without looking at it... I don’t want to minimize the idea of how much crucifixion sucked, but what was it someone once said?  “Jesus Christ had a really bad day for your sins.”  If I knew after I died there would be an eternity of complete and utter bliss, that’s I’d be second in command of Heaven, honestly, a day of torture would not be that bad... I’m always shocked when people give their kids a Noah’s Arc toy.  I always want to say, Yeah, that’s adorable.  Does it come with extra stuffed toys of the millions of bloated corpses of babies and children God drowned? It’s not a children’s story and yet the entire religion has become so simplified, that it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that a fun little story about genocide would become children’s entertainment."

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