Mountain Goat Madness Unleashed on Canada Park Travelers

Jasper, Canada, January 08, 2007 --( Jasper Journal, an independent online magazine celebrating Alberta, Canada's Jasper National Park as a destination ideal for travelers looking for a quiet, back-to-nature vacation, launches a herd of mountain goat learning tools for travelers:

1. "Mad About Mountain Goats" memory match game
2. A new article "Finding the Mountain Goats in Jasper National Park"
3. A new mountain goat desktop wallpaper photo gallery

"Mountain goats are one of the defining species in Jasper National Park and these new resources help fellow travelers better appreciate this complex animal," says DH Wall, M.B.A., Jasper Journal’s founder and travel enthusiast.

The online game challenges players to match 16 mountain goat picture tiles in as few tries as possible. The picture tiles show old and young mountain goats in a range of settings.

The new article about mountain goats, "Finding the Mountain Goats in Jasper National Park", provides insights about the animal and examines recent research studies.

The mountain goat article allows for visitor comments. "This provides mountain goat enthusiasts and fellow travelers a way to contribute to the understanding of the animal and thus build the body of knowledge for others," says Wall.

A new mountain goat photo gallery shows a collection of mountain goats in a variety of habitats. The photos can be used as desktop wallpapers.

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