The Control Freak Cure

A cure for control freaks does exist, according to a new book called The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly. What's more, anyone looking for health, wealth and joy can achieve these ends by mastering the art of "letting go."

Strathroy, Canada, January 16, 2007 --( Professional life coaches and co-authors of The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly (, Gail Barker ( and Gail Nielsen (, say there is in fact a cure for control freakishness and that cure is a heavy dose of "trust."

"This book takes a radically different look at control issues than others on the subject," states Nielsen. "The Control Freak's Guide™ ( gets to the heart of the matter, and addresses over-control as a spiritual condition that requires a spiritual remedy. At the same time, the book is grounded in science as well as light-hearted and fun to read."

The Gails have been receiving media attention and widespread praise for the book and will be speaking at a conference in May in London, Ontario, whose keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Deepak Chopra ( Ticket information for the conference can be found at

The Control Freak's Guide™ to Living Lightly, ( includes "control freak" anecdotes as well as chapter exercises and coaching questions. People can sign-up for a free e-course and a free e-newsletter on the book's web site, as well as enroll in a tele-course with the authors.

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"As a 'recovering' control freak, I read this book with a smile of recognition. A very entertaining and enlightening book."
~Susan Jeffers Ph.D.
Best-selling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love and Life is Huge!

"This book is not just a `how to' manual for "letting go", it is about deeply understanding the need for such a process. Read it and be provoked into a new relationship with yourself and a new way of living that will open the door to all your great dreams and desires."
~Dr. Robert Anthony
Fortune 500 Coach and Best-selling author of Beyond Positive Thinking

Control Freak's Guide™
Gail Nielsen