Lena Live! Radio Show on BBSRadio.com Re-Makes Format with Strong Focus on Education

Inspired by the documentary film, “Waiting For Superman,” BBSRadio.com radio personality and host, Elyena Miremonde, has re-vamped the format of her radio show, LenaLive!, to focus on education themed shows, along with the performing arts.

Bronxville, NY, October 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With a celebrated background in music performance and music education, and in light of the revealing new documentary film, Waiting For Superman, highlighting educational deficiencies in the American public school system, BBS Internet Radio host, Elyena Miremonde is re-directing her radio show, LenaLive!, to focus on childhood education, broad education-based topics and the performing arts.

LenaLive! host Elyena Miremonde boasts a resume that includes studying and earning multiple degrees in musicology and psychology from Moscow State University and Conservatory, and teaching posts including the 92nd Street Y, Rutgers University and Taubman Institute of Piano. Miremonde’s vocational passions are rooted in music and education, with a drive to become the American radio voice for education advocacy. Miremonde intends to use her BBS Internet Radio Program, LenaLive!, as a platform and launching pad for her strong advocacy of children and their educational enrichment, particularly as it pertains to the arts.

“After teaching for over 30 years, I am convinced that the most valuable learning experience a person can have can only come from another person. There is no software application or even a book that can substitute the personal interaction between a teacher and a student,” explains Miremonde. “On this premise, I am bringing my radio show back to the foundation of personal interaction between the interviewee who will teach, and our listeners who will learn and ask questions by calling in to the show.”

In addition to the weekly radio program, LenaLive!, Elyena Miremonde has opened her Westchester, New York facility, The Music Garden, which will provide musical and cultural enrichment to the community of Westchester County, New York. “This human exchange of information is also the foundation for my artistic workshop program, The Music Garden, a sanctuary where creativity can be stimulated and nurtured through personal, educational interaction.”

Officially launching November 2010, The Music Garden will provide workshop programs for children ages 2 years and up as well as adult workshops, all integrating the joy of musical performance with light music theory, artistic expression, discussion and movement; a truly unique workshop experience. In addition, The Music Garden will offer their ongoing celebrated concert series, seamlessly blending a variety of musical genres in an intimate setting.

“With LenaLive! The Music Garden moves beyond its Westchester, New York location to reach listeners around the world, inviting everyone to take part in our creative laboratory,” states Miremonde.”

LenaLive! host Elyena Miremonde will book guests for her radio show that have information to impart to listeners on a wide array of educational topics, including: academics, learning challenges, special needs children, gifted children, educational techniques and, of course, the arts and entertainment. There will be a large integration of performance, and many different genres of music, incorporated into this new format, including pop culture artists and performers.

About Lena Live!
LenaLive! is a live talk, interview and call-in radio show that airs on Tuesday evenings at 4pm (EST) on www.bbsradio.com, station 1. Call-in numbers are: 1-888-815-9756 or 530 327-7602.

Up until now, the live chat radio show has covered a wide variety of newsworthy topics including progressive parenting, spirituality, music and success tips. For more information on LenaLive! and to catch the show visit http://www.bbsradio.com/lenalive/. For consideration to be a guest on LenaLive! Please submit materials and/or press releases to allisondawnpr (at) aol.com.

About LenaLive! Host, Elyena Miremonde
For over thirty years, Elyena Miremonde has been applying her approach of integrating the arts into the lives of children and adults. In her mid-teens, she began teaching music to children as part of her own training as a concert-pianist.

Miremonde inherited a rich tradition of music in her studies with Theodore Gutman, at the Moscow Conservatory. After obtaining degrees in musicology, performance and psychology, she emigrated to the United States with her family in the late 1970s. In New York, she worked with Dorothy Taubman, who created an extraordinary physiological approach to keyboard playing that became a part of Miremonde’s musical foundation.

For over ten years, Elyena Miremonde was on the faculty of the Taubman Institute of Piano. She also taught at the 92nd St. Y in New York, and was a Professor of Music at Rutgers University. Throughout the United States and Europe Miremonde has given numerous lectures, master classes and workshops in the United States and in Europe on music, music history and the psychology of performance.

Her work caught the attention of Jerome Shestack, former U.N. Ambassador under the Carter Administration, who endorsed Miremonde’s work. This led to the formation for The Music Garden, which she directs with her son, Julian Lampert, her partner and Artistic Director of The Music Garden Concert Series and Music Workshops. Miremonde is currently host of the live call-in talk and interview radio show, “Lena Live!,” airing Tuesday evenings on BBS Internet Radio (www.bbsradio.com).


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