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The cover story on the WGN nightly news discussed the growing use of mobile forensics in crime investigations. viaForensics' CIO, Andrew Hoog, was interviewed regarding his collaboration with law enforcement officials on uncovering data from mobile phones which is then used by investigators. Hoog also stresses that mobile users need to be aware of the amount of personal information stored in their phones and that this information is vulnerable to data theft.

Chicago, IL, October 31, 2010 --( viaForensics’ CIO, Andrew Hoog, was interviewed by WGN, along with Detective Josh Fazio, regarding the use of mobile forensics in criminal investigations. The cover story, which aired during the WGN newscast at 9 p.m. CT Thursday, Oct. 28th, discussed the growing use of mobile phone forensics and highlighted the vast amount of personal information that is stored on a typical mobile device, such as an iPhone.

Advances in smart phone technology, along with the popularity of these devices, are having a major impact on digital forensics. Mobile forensics is now essential to many types of investigations, and in some cases, judges are accepting mobile data as admissible evidence in court proceedings. Computer/mobile forensic and e-discovery firms, such as viaForensics, are developing forensic techniques to recover data from Android devices, iPhones, Blackberry devices and other smart phones to assist in criminal investigations and prosecutions.

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About viaForensics

viaForensics is an innovative computer/mobile forensic and e-discovery firm providing law enforcement, corporations, attorneys and others with expert mobile forensics and mobile data recovery services. viaForensics can assist investigators with fast, professional forensic recovery from Droids and other smart phones. Additionally, viaForensics provides analysis for mobile phone applications and uses innovative forensic technologies to improve data security and protect users.

Andrew Hoog is a computer scientist, computer/forensics researcher and Chief Investigative Officer at viaForensics. He is currently writing a book on Android forensics.

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