viaForensics Releases New JTAG Online Training

New online training provides accessible, affordable JTAG training option for mobile forensics and security practitioners. - July 04, 2013

Mobile Security Risk Report Released by viaForensics

viaForensics releases mobile device risk assessment report featuring key recommendations on security strategies. - November 05, 2011

Powerful Forensic Tool for Android Devices Released

viaForensics announces the release of viaExtract-Android Logical, a powerful new analysis and reporting application for Android devices. - June 06, 2011

appWatchdog Addresses Mobile Security Issues, Highlighted by New York Times

viaForensics’ appWatchdog service measures potential security risks in popular shopping, banking and social media applications. - February 16, 2011

Updated iPhone Forensics White Paper Released

viaForensics has released an updated version of its groundbreaking iPhone Forensics white paper. - November 17, 2010

viaForensics Uncovers Vulnerabilities in Smart Phone Financial Applications

viaForensics has released updated appWatchdog findings for mobile financial applications on both Google Android and Apple iPhone devices. - November 06, 2010

viaForensics Uncovers PayPal Application Vulnerability

An article released by the Wall Street Journal covers a significant vulnerability in an iPhone application uncovered by viaForensics. - November 05, 2010

viaForensics Featured on Nightly News Cover Story

The cover story on the WGN nightly news discussed the growing use of mobile forensics in crime investigations. viaForensics' CIO, Andrew Hoog, was interviewed regarding his collaboration with law enforcement officials on uncovering data from mobile phones which is then used by investigators. Hoog also stresses that mobile users need to be aware of the amount of personal information stored in their phones and that this information is vulnerable to data theft. - October 31, 2010

viaForensics Presents Android Forensics Training May 4 or 5, 2010 in Chicago

viaForensics, a leader in mobile device forensics, is holding two Android forensics training sessions during Mobile Forensics World 2010 pre-conference training in Chicago on May 4 and May 5, 2010. - April 14, 2010

viaForensics Announces Release of Open Source Android Forensics application

viaForensics has released a beta version of its Open Source Android Forensics application supporting all Android devices. - February 28, 2010

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