DIDX.net Brings the World of VoIP Customers to Every DIDX Member

Pensacola, FL, January 22, 2007 --(PR.com)-- WWW.DIDX.NET Brings the World of VoIP Customers to every DIDX Member

Pacific Telecommunications Conference 2007 brought the best telecoms in the world together in one of the most beautiful and relaxing locations on earth, Honolulu, Hawaii. Visit the DIDX photo gallery (below) of DIDX with HGC Global Communications, Commpartners.us, AT&T, TCR Productions, CTIGroup, Pacific Light Telecom, Datora Telecom, Rostelecom Russia Incumbent, Telecall, Globenet Brasil Telecom, Time Warner Telecom, Telcombrokers, Kick Communications, Cyratel Communications.


DIDX is the choice to buy and sell millions of wholesale DID by 4000+ ITSP's that include CLEC's, incumbents, ISP's, IM, and converged IP service providers from 75 countries. Features include complimentary buyer and seller API to bridge the phone number database among every DIDX member and in the "buy DID" section of DIDX. The API and other DIDX software make a memorable contribution to open source development. It enables an infinite number of new Internet telephony entrepreneurial efforts that can transform a great idea into a global powerhouse.

Steve Cayona, vice president of carrier relations states, "Wholesale telecom DIDX members have a wide range of choices of DID by LCR, number of channels, calling card use accepted or not, vendor rating, caller ID; and codecs of G711, G729, G723, H323, and/or T38. I noted at PTC07 that these choices plus the ability to do business with 4000+ other members make DIDX the choice."

DIDX provides a DID Tester, CDR, automatic provision, and billing support. It takes the seller's requirements, adds a small commission, and makes available to the DIDX buyer who pays DIDX. DIDX pays the seller. The DID are from cities in 55 countries including Greece, Japan, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Americas, UAE and Pakistan, routed over SIP or IAX2. DIDX proves Tehrani's prediction of 2006, as the year for VoIP Peering.

"Voice entrepreneurs who take advantage of IP, instant message providers, converged IP providers, incumbents, CLEC's and other voice entrepreneurs can sign up for DIDX membership at booth 1428 at the TMC IT Expo Conference between Jan. 23-26, 2006. The place to register is http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/conference," Suzanne Bowen, CEO of Super Technologies, Inc., who serve the world of telecom with DIDX.net.

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