Deb Munro Presents Men Vs Women on Voice Over Experts Podcast

Voice actor and coach, Deb Munro, teaches female voice over artists how they can book more character work if only they’d be willing to take more risks with their performance like their male counterparts.

London, Canada, November 24, 2010 --( Voice over coach, Deb Munro, focuses on the global freelance market. She is able to transform her extensive training and personal experience into a series of practical, exciting workshops that will take attendees to that next step, no matter what level they’re at in their careers.

Munro joins Voice Over Experts with her podcast lecture, "Men VS Women: Making the Ugly Face." Munro explains the difference between male and female voice over performances and how men aren’t afraid to let lose in the booth. She describes how women could be booking more animation and character voice over gigs if they were willing to take some risks and push aside their fears of looking silly.

Voice Over Experts is an educational podcast featuring renowned voice over coaches from the US, Canada and abroad, offering pearls of wisdom and tricks of the trade to help voice talent improve their careers. Voice Over Experts is hosted by, the leading online voice over marketplace.

About Deb Munro

By employing over a dozen years wisdom in voicing and acting, Debbie Munro puts her talents to work to meet the challenging demands of today's fast paced voice market. Tired of not receiving constructive feedback on how to improve her craft, Debbie set out to make a difference for actors by creating, The MIC & ME Workshop Series. Fuelled by experience, talent, and unbridled enthusiasm for doing what she loves to do best - getting behind a microphone and speaking her heart out, Debbie is proud to share her insights, techniques and secrets with you. She works very hard to create courses that shed an honest look into the world of voice acting allowing you to work at your own pace, know if this is the industry for you and how to keep working. Her passion alone will engage you and give you the encouragement you need.


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