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Strictly FX Joins Roger Waters Once Again on His 2007 World Tour

Strictly FX, in conjunction with lighting designer Marc Brickman, is joining Roger Waters on the second leg of his tour. Strictly FX is providing the special effects, including Pyrotechnics, Confetti and Flame effects.

Elk Grove Village, IL, January 23, 2007 --( Strictly FX joins Roger Waters once again on his 2007 world tour!

Strictly FX, in conjunction with lighting designer Marc Brickman, provides the special effects for the tour, which includes Pyrotechnics, Confetti, 8 Mini Venom Flame Cannons and a 12.8 second long gerb chase with 236 pieces of product!

Traveling to the other side of the globe after the finishing the first part of the highly successful 2006 "Dark Side of the Moon" tour, the tour continues in Sydney, Australia on January 25th.  From there, they make several stops in South America and Europe, including Peru, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

About Strictly FX:

Strictly FX is a live Special Effects company that specializes in Pyrotechnics, Laser Shows, Flame Effects and Confetti for sporting events, concert tours and corporate shows.  Strictly FX has helped make great shows better worldwide, including the Dallas Cowboys, Toby Keith, Roger Waters and the Superbowl.

The company was founded in 1996 by industry veterans Mark Grega and Ted Maccabee on the principles of utmost client satisfaction and creating the most entertaining shows possible.  Utilizing a full team of special effects designers and in-house art department, they've captured numerous industry awards.

With over 500 live shows performed a year, if you've been to a concert or caught a sporting event, there's a good chance you've seen seen some of their exciting work!

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