2b Acting Compares Android Market vs iTunes App Store

Today 2b Acting announced the release of their FASTgreek language learning App on the Android Market and compares the experience with the release of the same App on the iTunes App store.

Leeds, United Kingdom, January 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The world has suddenly changed with the word ‘App’ entering every day vocabulary and two of the major players making Apps available for download to specific devices are Google with their Android Market and Apple with the iTunes App store.

The new Apps market is proving useful to developers as they can promote products with free downloads or make money from the sale of paid Apps.

The process for releasing Apps on iTunes takes a little longer than using the Android Market as Apple’s approval is required before publishing and there are rigid guidelines to be complied with.

“It can take a considerable time to get Apps approved,” says 2b Acting. “So this should be factored into release planning. We find that this is the main difference between the two.”

Does the delay puts Apple at a disadvantage? “Not really,” says 2b Acting. “We don’t mind as we see the approval process as an extra layer of quality checks which only helps in making sure our customers get the best experience from using our Apps.”

Judging by the growing number of Apps being released the process appears to work for both. David Jones adds, “Our experience proves that they both have it right and we are pleased to have this new way of reaching customers. From 2b Acting’s experience it looks like ‘Apps’ are here to stay."

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