Interest in Sclerostin as a Regulator of Bone Formation Remains High

Salem, NH, December 07, 2010 --( Sclerostin, a protein produced primarily in osteocytes, inhibits osteoblast activity via antagonism of the wnt signaling pathway and, as such, has garnered a great deal of attention as a potential therapeutic target for increasing bone formation.

The annual publication rate for peer-reviewed sclerostin-related journal articles has more than tripled since 2007. Similarly, over 50 abstracts presented at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2010 Annual Meeting incorporated some aspect of sclerostin measurement in relation to bone-related disease. The studies focused on a wide range of conditions, including osteoporosis, disuse-induced bone loss and fracture recovery as well as the therapeutic impacts of estrogen, parathyroid hormone, bisphosphonate and sclerostin inhibitors.

The recent launch of the first commercially available Sclerostin ELISA from Biomedica and its exclusive U.S. distribution partner, ALPCO Diagnostics, signifies a milestone in the study of circulating sclerostin, as it satisfies a previously unmet need in terms of available research tools. The Sclerostin ELISA is the primary commercially-available assay cited in the literature and is well-poised to becoming the gold standard for sclerostin measurement.

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Biomedica is a privately owned group of companies with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Biomedica was founded in 1978 as a local distribution company. In 1988, Biomedica began development and manufacture of ELISAs for biomarkers in clinical research of diseases affecting the bone and joints, kidneys and the cardiovascular system. Biomedica currently oversees a worldwide distribution network, with numerous subsidiaries in Central Europe.

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Sclerostin publication list 12-2010

Sclerostin publication list 12-2010

List of references citing the Sclerostin ELISA from Biomedica and distributed in the US by ALPCO Diagnostics. 12-2010