Online Auto Insurance Discusses Coverage Implications of a License Suspension

Orlando, FL, December 27, 2010 --( Suspension of a driver’s license can bring with it a slew of problems. Depending on the circumstances of the suspension, one of those problems could be increased car insurance rates. In a new FAQ, the writers at discuss the cases in which a suspension can mean an increased cost of coverage.

There are quite a few actions that can lead to suspension of a license, and they are often different depending on state law. Despite what might be assumed, motorists can lose their ability to drive legally by committing certain offenses such as a failure to pay child support, violating court probation and undergoing treatment for alcohol or chemical dependency. Although these causes won’t likely affect insurance rates, a loss of driving privileges for reckless driving or other traffic infractions can bring with them huge spikes in rates.

Whatever the reason that caused a driver’s license to be suspended, Florida auto insurance policyholders with new cars should not simply drop coverage just because they have temporarily lost the ability to drive. If a new vehicle is being paid for through a financing company, that company will likely demand that the prospective owner of the new car maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on the car at all times. Even though the vehicle will not be driven as much, it still could be susceptible to becoming damaged or stolen.

And in addition, Florida law requires vehicle owners to keep a policy in place in order to maintain proper registration. If a car is found to be registered but uninsured, the state could suspend the license plate or registration for up to three years.


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