Slingshot SEO, Inc. Ranks #4 in Search Engine Optimization Companies by for January 2011, the independent authority on search vendors, has named the best SEO companies for January 2011. Slingshot SEO, Inc. has made it to #4 ranking based upon an in-depth review of the internet marketing service provider.

Plymouth, IN, January 10, 2011 --( The independent authority on search vendors,, has announced the best SEO companies for January 2011. An independent research team that was assigned to the search engine optimization category reviewed each applicant in order to determine the best SEO companies globally. Slingshot SEO, Inc. made its presence as one of the top players in the rankings for this month in a field of thousands worldwide.

An extensive review was completed and the research team found that Slingshot SEO, Inc. deals with Search Engine Optimization as well as Reputation Management and Link Building. As a result, the firm consistently produces high quality results for their clients. Slingshot SEO, Inc. offers a range of flexible SEO packages to suit any business.

Indeed, the SEO industry is a cut-throat competition among its players. Building on more than a decade of search engine research, Slingshot SEO has ranked clients’ websites on the first page of Google and other major search engines for thousands of competitive keywords. Slingshot SEO professionals are obsessed with the science behind search engine optimization.

Kevin Bailey, President of Slingshot SEO, Inc., said, “Our results-driven SEO solutions are entirely scalable because they are implemented by a staff of over 70 trained SEO experts. We realize that your success is our success and Slingshot SEO's business plan was written with this in mind. Slingshot SEO has a 100% track record of generating first page organic search engine rankings for keyword phrases chosen by our clients. Because of our growing client list, we offer career opportunities for software developers to build tools and applications, journalists to write SEO friendly content, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social media experts and more.”

Slingshot SEO, Inc. implements certain standard techniques in SEO that must be followed to ensure success of their clients’ websites. Slingshot SEO can help in making it more profitable. Their proven method has ranked clients on the first page for 100 percent of completed keyword campaigns. In fact, millions of online transactions begin with search every single week, and first page rankings reap over 93 percent of those transactions. Slingshot delivers first-page results by reversing engineering search engine algorithms through research and testing. A lot of companies claim that they can get them ranked, but only Slingshot SEO has a record that clients can rely on.

Slingshot SEO is one of the only known SEO companies in the world that has developed a patent-pending software solution for managing SEO campaigns. This application is powered by over 70 search experts who implement research-based strategies to achieve first page rankings on major search engines. Unlike many smaller SEO companies, the scale of Slingshot’s SEO capabilities ensure that your campaign has the time, expertise and resources it needs to get their clients ranked. The team often work with marketing agencies, web development companies, and even other SEO companies as a partner capable of providing scalable services to their clients.

The company's proven track record of success and their continued drive for excellence has earned Slingshot SEO, Inc. the ranking as the #4 Best SEO Companies worldwide. has been ranking the best internet marketing service providers since 2002. As the independent authority on search vendors they have connected thousands of businesses with internet marketing firms that have provided top notch services. Over 50,000 visitors connect with every month in search of the best. In addition to the rankings of the best internet marketing service providers, visitors to the site can find information on the latest changes within the SEO industry.

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