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OrthoPathways Group, Inc. (OPG) Announces Stamina Knee™ System

OrthoPathways Group, Inc. (OPG) reports that they are in the final decision process on a new knee replacement implant system as the company continues to pursue new technologies to aid the orthopedically challenged patient.

Sarasota, FL, February 10, 2011 --( As OrthoPathways Group, Inc. (OPG) continues to pursue new technologies to aid the orthopedically challenged patient, the company reports that they are in the final decision process on a new knee replacement implant system.

OPG President & CEO, Steve Bales commented that “With over 725,000 total knee replacements done in 2009, the need for this very successful surgery continues to grow. Compelling dynamics such as aging, obesity and a very active, older population will continue to drive the need for total joint replacements. Comparing the hip and knee, there are many more knees replaced than hips, with women receiving these surgeries more than men. Also, with over 90% of joint replacements performed on patients over the age of 45, the rapid growth in this age group speaks to the health of this market.

“To effectively compete in the joint replacement market, a company needs a well accepted implant design, comprehensive component selection, and simple instruments to enable the surgeon to efficiently implant the components. Also, implant pricing is becoming a key factor in the marketplace as the cost of healthcare is under close examination now more than ever before.”

OrthoPathways Group, Inc. (OPG) is keenly aware of all of these market drivers and is in the final negotiations to secure a knee system for launch during the second quarter of this year. The Company has pursued a number of options on this front and held strategic discussion with several groups. The OPG advantage resides in its lean business model which does not carry accumulated overhead and legacy costs that most of the large orthopedic companies must include in their inventory COG (cost of goods) and pricing strategies.

“In the new healthcare cost environment it will be critical that companies such as OPG include the overall cost to the healthcare system as a priority. We have to look at future events in relation to the demographics and understand typical knee replacement patients living longer and are more active which may mean a second or third replacement surgery. In this regard, not only will this system be applicable in primary knee replacements, it also has implants available if the knee needs to be revised at a later time.

“The system also contains instruments that enable the surgeon to implant the knee components in a minimally invasive fashion. As OPG continues to make systems available to the orthopedic community, it is with the intent to solve the contemporary issues facing the patient, the surgeon, and the hospital. This can only be done by supplying a quality product at a very fair price backed up by professional customer service,” stated OPG President & CEO, Steve Bales.

OPG is a medical device company engaged in the development, production and distribution of orthopedic technologies. They provide cost effective, traditional systems to the marketplace, as well as research new science to develop cutting edge, proprietary and patented devices. For further information on OPG visit

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