appWatchdog Addresses Mobile Security Issues, Highlighted by New York Times

viaForensics’ appWatchdog service measures potential security risks in popular shopping, banking and social media applications.

Chicago, IL, February 16, 2011 --( viaForensics, a mobile and digital forensics and security firm, offers a free appWatchdog service which tests for potential security flaws in mobile applications. The service was recently highlighted by the New York Times in an article discussing the increasing concerns over mobile phone security.

As the sales and use of smart phones continues to rise, so do the security risks. While malware and malicious software attacks are beginning to pop up, simple flaws in the mobile apps themselves may be putting the users at the most risk. These flaws allow user data, such as user names and passwords, to be stored on the device.

“While I see some risk in rogue apps, the larger concern is perfectly legitimate apps that put consumers’ sensitive data at risk through poor development, testing and security practices,” say viaForensics’ CIO Andrew Hoog.

viaForensics has focused its efforts on education, awareness and pushing application developers to secure consumers’ sensitive data. Their free appWatchdog service ( posts the findings from tests of popular applications. Users can submit requests for specific apps to be tested and additional findings will be posted as they become available.

Additionally, developers can take advantage of viaForensics’ unique testing techniques through the appSecure service ( By performing this high level testing, developers are providing an additional level of assurance to their users, thereby building user confidence that the applications are secure.

Visit the viaForensics website for more information on appWatchdog and to review recent findings. Read the full NYT story: “Hackers Go After the Smartphone” by Sonia Kolesnikov-Jessop at

About viaForensics
viaForensics is an innovative computer/mobile forensic and e-discovery firm providing law enforcement, corporations, attorneys and others with expert mobile forensics and mobile data recovery services. viaForensics provides analysis for mobile phone applications and uses innovative forensic technologies to improve data security and protect users.

Andrew Hoog is a computer scientist, computer/forensics researcher and Chief Investigative Officer at viaForensics. He is currently writing books on Android and iPhone forensics.

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