Sytel Integrates with IBM SPSS® Data Collection Phone Interviews

Predictive dialer for market research provides advanced features for controlling telephone dialing functions.

Little Rock, AR, March 16, 2011 --( Sytel Limited announces that it has recently completed integration with IBM’s SPSS® Data Collection Phone Interviews. Leading a multi-national project team from their UK headquarters, Sytel worked with IBM software teams from New Zealand, Australia, China, and the United States. Sytel completed Certification Testing with the IBM SPSS Research and Development team, and actually worked collaboratively to help improve and strengthen IBM’s SPSS® software developer’s kit. In October 2010, IBM ceased the sale of their legacy SPSS® Predictive Dialer. At that time, the Data Collection platform exposed an API for other companies to perform an integration for the sake of call centers. Sytel Limited is one of the first companies, and the sole “software only” predictive dialer, to perform this integration.

As set out by IBM: “Integration with third-party dialers allows customers to:
• Benefit from significant productivity gains, lower staff costs and increased job satisfaction
• Ensure that interviewers are fully engaged with respondents
• Auto-detection of the call outcome minimizes the time lost to unsuccessful calls
• Program the responses to each possible call outcome according to campaign-specific or global rules
• Ensure compliance with industry standards, professional codes and legal requirements by setting limits to the number of “silent calls”
• Hand off respondents to an IVR system

As part of IBM SPSS Data Collection 6, IBM SPSS Data Collection Phone Interviews is fully integrated with the Sytel … predictive dialer.

The Sytel predictive dialer is uniquely designed for world-class performance under compliance and is white-labeled to many leading call center vendors, such as CosmoCom and inContact, as their dialer of choice. It is also is the one “software only” dialer to be fully integrated with IBM SPSS Data Collection Phone Interviews. Sytel is empowering customers in over 50 countries and delivers 24x7 support worldwide.

“A number of The Honomichl Top 50 Global Market Research Organizations have already completed exhaustive trials of our predictive dialer,” reports Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay, “and we currently completing contract negotiations with them. Sytel is happy to offer any IBM customer a free trial of our award-winning dialer.”


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