CTA Digital Presents Full Sized Sports Gaming Accessories with the Premium Golf and Tennis Accessories for Playstation Move

PS Move Tennis and Golf games get a more true-to-life feeling with the full sized accessories from of CTA Digital.

Brooklyn, NY, April 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- CTA Digital (http://www.ctadigital.com) announces the release of two new full-sized peripherals for PlayStation Move aficionados: the new Premium Golf Club and Premium Tennis Racquet. These attachments offer sport-loving gamers a more realistic way to play their favorite titles.

The Premium Golf Club, which is perfect for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and Planet Mini Golf, allows gamers to twist the grip to swing at angles. The weight & size of the club makes the experience more natural through tactile feedback. The Move controller securely fits into the club base, making it simple to nab line-drives & birdies.

The Premium Tennis Racquet is compatible with the popular Top Spin, Virtua Tennis 4, and other games including Grand Slam Tennis, & Racquet Sports. The Move controller mounts easily into the grip, and is secure enough for aggressive play; after all, those Match Point serves need to be made with the right force. The Move sphere fits visible to the PS Eye, between the grip & racquet head.

The Tennis Racquet (http://amzn.com/B004MKN3VM) and Golf club (http://amzn.com/B004MKN3VC) can be purchased at Amazon, Target, Best Buy and other outlets that carry CTA Digital products.

About CTA Digital:
CTA Digital (http://www.ctadigital.com) has been building efficient and trusted game accessories for the past 7 years. Each new accessory built by CTA Digital is designed after months of careful deliberation and user testing to make sure that the final products are safe & practical.

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