AlphaDogs Gets "Pregnant In Heels"

Burbank based AlphaDogs Post recently completed post services for Pregnant In Heels. A new docu-drama for Bravo TV. Each episode of Pregnant In Heels follows pregnancy guru, Rosie Pope and her assistants as they guide the most affluent and hormonal expectant Manhattan mothers in meeting their outlandish baby needs.

Burbank, CA, April 03, 2011 --( AlphaDogs Post Production has announced they have completed all post services for Pregnant In Heels, a new docu-drama series that profiles “MomPrep,” a high-end maternity training academy that assists sophisticated expectant mothers with bizarre baby needs ranging from Brazilian waxing for the labor room to getting the baby into British aristocracy. The series will premiere Tuesday, April 5th on The Bravo Network at 10pm EST.

Post Production Supervisor Lance Asher chose AlphaDogs to complete post production on the series based on their stellar reputation in the community. Asher comments,“AlphaDogs came highly recommended by other colleagues. Not only did I find knowledgeable people who check and re-check their work, but a quality of the final product along with a great price for an overall package deal.”

Emmy award nominated Re-recording mixer Marcus Pardo was able to deliver excellent sounding audio while minimizing background noise in real-time without introducing digital artifacts by using a Pro Tools HD2 system accompanied by Waves plug-ins and the Cedar DNS One for noise reduction. Pardo comments; “Audio for reality television is tricky due to uncontrolled environments. The Cedar DNS One allows me to drastically reduce noisy room tones or background traffic. This in turn, allows the viewer to focus on the dialog.” Pardo continues; “There were several times throughout the series when tender moments needed to be heard in places like busy Central Park and atop a balcony on a high rise. Even in these instances, I was able to deliver quality audio.”

Interesting challenges were faced during post with the footage that was shot on green screen. The lead character, Rosie Pope has blonde hair which is can be very difficult to work with in this type of setup as the blonde hair tends to pick up the green cast. Online finishing Editor Herrianne Cayabyab comments, “There is no one answer to solve a problem like this, but our extensive experience with difficult compositing of shots helped tremendously on this show. As Pregnant in Heels was offlined on Avid’s Media Composer, it naturally went through one of our Avid Symphony Nitris DX suites. When working in Avid as opposed to our other systems, I like to try their built in Spectramatte keyer first. It often works miracles and delivers real time performance, which means no rendering. However on this show I had to hit heavier tools like Boris Continuum Complete for example to clean up many of the composites.”

Shared Terrablock storage with file level locking from Facilis allowed Lead Assistant Editor, Scott Davenport to perform the preparation of the sequence for color correction by veteran colorist Brian Hutchings, while additional assistants were doing the capture in another bay. Davenport comments, “The shared storage is a great tool to have. I was able to continue working and meet the project deadline in ample time.”

Each episode of Pregnant In Heels follows pregnancy guru, Rosie Pope and her assistants as they guide the most affluent and hormonal expectant Manhattan mothers in meeting their outlandish baby needs. In the series premiere, Rosie helps an expectant couple come up with the perfect baby name and another couple baby proof their stylish New York flat.

Pregnant in Heels is produced by Hudson Media for Bravo TV. Michael Rourke, Gerette Allegra, Megan Estrada and Danielle King are Executive Producers. Bravo TV is a program service of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal. For more information, visit

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