Editors' Lounge to Host an Evening with Adobe Creative Cloud

New toolsets powered by Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning initiative Adobe Sensei will be demonstrated. - June 13, 2018

AlphaDogs Post Production Celebrating Their Sweet 16

Curren believed talent would be the key ingredient to thrive in the technological world of the 21st Century. - June 09, 2018

Post-Production Solutions from Tektronix, RE: Vision Effects & NetStairs at the May Editors' Lounge

The Editors’ Lounge offers the opportunity to learn from post-production industry peers and networking with new and old friends. - May 09, 2018

Editors' Lounge to Host Evening with Blackmagic Design

A night dedicated to the latest versions of Blackmagic Design’s flagship studio software: the just-released DaVinci Resolve 15 and the addition of Fusion VFX to the integrated Resolve toolset - April 19, 2018

Pre-NAB Panelists Share Insights on Latest Trends and Technology in Post-Production

Artificial Intelligence (or A.I.) is expected to be a hot topic at this year’s NAB. - April 06, 2018

How Organization, Etiquette and Staying Calm Can Help Avert Disasters from Happening in the Edit Suite

Whether it’s problems with inadequate coverage, or last minute story changes, editors should keep in mind that it’s about solving problems and keeping producers happy during the process. - March 17, 2018

AlphaDogs Take Cab Ride Around the World

Shot in all seven continents of the world, the film includes interviews with drivers who share their accounts of how socializing has changed dramatically in the 21st Century. - March 16, 2018

Assistant Editors' Bootcamp Teaching Class on How to Make DCP's for Feature Film Delivery

While most studios require DCP delivery, film festivals are increasingly requiring films in DCP format as well. - March 11, 2018

Editors' Lounge Pre-NAB Panel to Discuss Present State of Post-Production and What the Future Holds

Topics for this year’s discussion will include the wild west of HDR, will algorithms truly be the future of editing, the future of virtual reality and more. - March 10, 2018

AlphaDogs Finishes Work On Season 3 of The Riveras for NBC Universo

Season 3 premieres March 11, 2018 on Universo, an NBC Universal/Telemundo network - February 27, 2018

Open House & Mixer with the Assistant Editors' Bootcamp at The February Editors' Lounge

Knowledge for both assistant editors and editors alike - February 08, 2018

Raptors Return to the Hood in New Film by Director Kevin Brooks

Brooks idea for the story came after witnessing so much civil unrest in the United States over the past couple of years. - February 07, 2018

AlphaDogs Meets the Heroes of Vietnam Medevac Mission

The Vietnam War had 496,573 total medevac missions with 900,000 casualties airlifted. 591 medevac pilots and crew were killed and another 545 wounded. - January 18, 2018

The Latest from Boris FX | Sapphire, Glookast and G-Technology at The January Editors' Lounge

Solutions for editing plugins, storage and media management - January 11, 2018

AlphaDogs Provides Solutions for First-Time Filmmakers

Why using a professional post-production facility is crucial to succeeding in the film business - December 06, 2017

AlphaDogs Takes the Pain Out of Post-Production for Kaiser Spine Center of Southern California

Kaiser will be using the videos across many distribution channels to deliver a great introduction to their new initiative. - November 30, 2017

Death Valley's Indigenous Peoples Make a Visit to AlphaDogs

It may come as a surprise to many to learn that there is a tribe of indigenous people who have called Death Valley their home for almost 1000 years. - November 04, 2017

AlphaDogs Otherwordly Encounters Shows Evidence of Alien Life

Jaw-dropping stories of individuals from around the world who share similar accounts of extraterrestrial otherworldly encounters. - October 11, 2017

Editors' Lounge Panel to Discuss What to do When Disaster Strikes the Editing Suite

Problem edits, difficult post-production experiences and how to overcome them. - October 04, 2017

AlphaDogs Enters the Star Wars Universe in Search of Hearts of Kyber

The story follows three young padawans who seek to find kyber crystals in a remote cave. - September 29, 2017

AlphaDogs Goes on Feeding Frenzy in Buzzard Hollow Beef

You are what you eat. You are dead meat. - August 17, 2017

AlphaDogs Explores How Hare Krishna Changed the Religious Movement

The film includes never-before-seen archival verité footage, Prabhupada’s own recorded words, and interviews with his early followers. - July 26, 2017

AlphaDogs Discovers Luck of the Irish is Secret to Superheroes' Strength

Superheroes have fun battling the streets of Los Angeles, with hot girls, sexy guns and witty banter. - July 12, 2017

All the Latest from Adobe Creative Cloud at the June Editors' Lounge

Presentations to Satisfy Video Editors of All Interests and Skill Levels - June 20, 2017

Behind the Scenes of Civil Rights Hero's Struggle for Freedom

Through never-before-seen interviews shot over 20 years, Lewis tells the gripping tale of his role in the vanguard of the Civil Rights Movement, including his role in the passage of the Voting Rights Act which prohibits racial discrimination at the polls. - May 19, 2017

Editors' Lounge Sponsoring Assistant Editors' Bootcamp

The bootcamp is a place for assistant editors and aspiring assistants to learn and collaborate with one another in a low-stakes environment. - May 12, 2017

How to Create Your Own Career Path in Film & Television Editing

The path to becoming a successful film and television editor is much different than it used to be. - May 10, 2017

Hands-on Demos with Blackmagic Design at The Editors' Lounge

New tools for editing, color correction and professional audio post-production - May 05, 2017

Pre-NAB Panel Shares Surprising Insights on Careers in Editing

An analysis of all things post-production - April 21, 2017

Pre NAB/Post HPA Tech Retreat Editors' Lounge to Discuss Latest Trends in Post-Production

The Annual Analysis of All Things Post-Production Returns - March 09, 2017

Editors' Lounge Heats Up 2017 with Presentations from EditShare, BeBop Technology & Simian

Clouds of data for remote editing, collaboration and workflow management. - January 19, 2017

AlphaDogs Helps to Lift the Stigma of Mental Illness in AFI Thesis Film, Still Devout

Perez based the story on personal experiences within her own family - November 10, 2016

AlphaDogs Rocks 4K Finish for Cyberpunk Musical Thriller "Danger Diva"

Featuring Seattle-based rock band “Thunderpussy.” - October 19, 2016

Annual Editors' Lounge Discussion Panel Takes a Fresh Look at Careers in Film & Television Editing

Practical Advice from Film & Television Editors on What It Takes to Succeed in the Ever Changing Post-Production Industry - October 14, 2016

Agoraphobic AlphaDogs Enter Zen Zone with New Spa Services

A hilarious new sitcom web series created by Schuyler Helford that’s sure to keep audiences laughing. - September 23, 2016

Editors' Lounge Cuts Through the Confusion of File-Based Workflows

File-Based Powerhouse Solutions for QC, Insert Edits and Workflow Automation and More at the September Editors’ Lounge - September 15, 2016

Editors' Lounge to Kick Off Summer with Celebration & Open House at AlphaDogs Post Production

Attendees will get the opportunity to ask the staff questions about post-production, take a tour of the facility while mingling and chatting with peers - June 16, 2016

Award-Winning Film Dying To Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary is Coming to Los Angeles

Nineteen years in the making and narrated by Robert Redford with interviews spanning over 50 years, audiences are taken on an entertaining journey that celebrates the lives of two controversial complex characters. - June 02, 2016

You've Landed an Editing Gig in Film & Television, Now What?

The challenges and strategies of starting and finishing a new editing project. - May 20, 2016

Editors' Lounge Post-NAB Event to Feature Avid, Blackmagic Design, GLOOKAST & RE: Lens For 360° Video Creation

The Editors’ Lounge offers the opportunity to learn from post-production industry peers and networking with new and old friends. - April 28, 2016

Pre Nab Editors' Lounge Looks Ahead to the Future of Post-Production

A panel discussion on the latest trends and where the future of post-production is headed. - April 19, 2016

Editors' Lounge Pre-NAB Panel to Expand Upon Topics from Hollywood Professional Alliance Tech Retreat

In 2004, the Editors’ Lounge began hosting their panel discussion installments that examine relevant trends within the film and television industry. - March 10, 2016

Demystifying Virtual Reality at the February Editors' Lounge

Being well-prepared is key if you want to get a head-start at producing or editing content for this challenging—and exciting—immersive experience. - February 18, 2016

How Color Grading Can Help Storytelling by Enhancing or Changing a Mood

Have you ever wondered why some movies or TV shows leave you feeling inspired while others have less emotional impact? Often it’s because of that little-discussed area of the post-production craft that few people think about - the art of color grading. The subconscious impact of creative... - February 11, 2016

Puzzling Disappearance of Student Being Investigated

Marita ran away the night before graduation and one man will stop at nothing to find her. - February 10, 2016

Learn How High Dynamic Range Works in Post with Dolby, Adobe & FilmLight at the January Editors' Lounge

Hosted by AlphaDogs Post Production, attendees will get the opportunity to learn hands-on solutions from leading post-production hardware and software companies on how to successfully manage and finish an HDR project. - January 23, 2016

Veteran Film & Television Editors Share Tips on What to do Once You Land the Job

Moderated by film and television editor, Norman Hollyn, the expert panel was comprised of award-winning film and television editors that included: Zack Arnold (Empire), Yvette Arimian (Whale Wars) and Dan Lebental (Iron Man). - November 12, 2015

Women Surfers on the Rise at AlphaDogs

A unique surfing movie told in the words of teacher/surfer, Mayra Agulair, that brings to light the issues facing female surfers. - October 16, 2015

Award-Winning Film & Television Editors to Discuss Strategies on Tackling New Projects Once You Get the Job

I’ve Landed The Project, Now What? will be a candid discussion with award-winning film and television editors centering on strategies for tackling new projects once you’ve been hired for the job. - October 08, 2015

Alphadogs Nibbles on Gaming Champion in "Man Vs Snake"

It took McVey 44 ½ hours and only cost him 1 quarter to be crowned world champion. - September 16, 2015

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