The Most Recent Los Marijuanos Album, "Trippin On Tricombs," is a Deluxe Full Length Thirty (30) Song CD That Includes the Hit Song, "Summertime," is in Stores Now

“Thumbs Up” to the Sunset Urban label for releasing the brand new thirty (30) song CD, "Trippin On Tricombs," by Los Marijuanos.

New York, NY, April 08, 2011 --( Sunset (Urban) has the Trippin On Tricombs CD in stores now, and the new Los Marijuanos single, “Summertime” is getting radio play all over the world. The song is also gaining licensing that includes placement in films, in stores and on Soundtrack CDs (How Weed Won The West Soundtrack CD) giving the hip-hop / rock band the ability to work the new CD worldwide, let alone directly to the U.S. marketplace.

It's not that the world is not prepared for another hardcore rock / hip-hop fusion band, it’s just that Trippin On Tricombs CD is not only filled with songs that cross over many genres of music, there are many excerpts by "Radical Russ" while the band moves in and out of catchy and downright melodic songs throughout the entire CD. The album bounces back and forth from songs to making its statement though what are called, NORML (National Organization Reform of Marijuana Laws) facts and figures again, narrated by none other than Radical Russ (10 Facts Total). The album is in one respect, a straight-ahead hip hop album mixed with some great funk and some rock, starting with "Smokin La La La," to the fun, deep funky hit single, "Summertime," along with being filled with other fun songs like “Good For The Soul” and “Fire” by the band.

"Summertime" pairs a funk-rock base with a hip-hop pomposity, and the Los Marijuanos’ prevalent revelation is shown throughout the entire concept of the "Trippin On Tricombs" CD. "Let’s Smoke," a track that features great vox, percussion and tasteful guitar work, the majority of the lyrics address issues relating to Marijuana legalization and marijuana Laws, a powerful message is delivered in "Hemp Will Save The World." “All of the songs by the band (Los Marijuanos) send a huge and direct statement addressing prohibition today,” says label head, Don Lichterman. More songs on the CD like "Smoke Session” and “Buddha’s Choice” are the perfect choice of songs to be placed on the full length CD, as they all fit the group's overall style and sense of direction. (Don) Lichterman says that “Los Marijuanos is a band that has a musical variety that crosses over a few formats in the music industry" and he then says that “we also have a 'hit' with Summertime.”

Though the group first gained international attention, critical acclaim while turning heads with its overall message and with its brand name (Los “Marijuanos”); the irony is that it has a radio friendly song as the first single on this full length CD ("Summertime"). Los Marijuanos has also put out other albums since the early 00’s, and (Don) Lichterman says that his label "now has a band that is no doubt considered to be an infectious amalgam of funk, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, and rock fused material has resulted in a progressive sound that is perfect for what is happening socially around the world." The latest release by Los Marijuanos, Trippin On Tricombs, offers its fans songs with catchy rhythms, great hip-hop with strong, unique vocals that toggle amid a great rap and a great vocal pattern. Overall, if you take into consideration all of the stylistic ability with Los Marijuanos, the band continues to maintain not only the ability to write and produce songs today, the band also seems to relay what is an a direct musical philosophy to make a point within its music.

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