1855DealADay Launches Offering Toll Free Deal Details

When you do not have access to the internet and want to inquire about a Deal, a new website offers a toll-free calling deal details.

1855DealADay Launches Offering Toll Free Deal Details
Port St. Lucie, FL, April 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Now You Can Dial A Deal. Daily Deal Websites have become mainstream for many. Each day emails are checked to see what the Deal of the Day is and searches for new daily deal websites are performed seeking deals are being offered; after all, there are currently over 1000 deal websites and growing daily.

While many have either a computer, smart phone or mobile device and can access the internet anytime, internet access may not always be available. There may be times when knowing what the deal of the day is in a moments time could determine dinner plans among other products and services, that is where Dialing a Deal may be the next best alternative.

A new website has come about offering deal details by phone. By calling Toll Free 1-855-Deal-A-Day one can inquire about the daily deal. While internet access will still be necessary to purchase the deal, print the voucher then visit the website to choose the desired product or service and finalize the purchase, Faye Gram, the President of 1855DealADay, is currently working on adding features, “We will soon do almost everything for our clients including giving details about the deals, handling payments if they want to purchase the deal, printing and mailing out the vouchers; all by phone. It will be less steps for our clients to do in their very busy lifestyle, then at their convenience they can visit the website where the deal came from to choose their product or service. For those that prefer to purchase deals online, visiting www.1855DealADay.com will have the added features enabling our clients to view photos of the deals.”

Offering Deals from 50 to 90 percent off products and services at restaurants, hotels, spas, sporting events and more, 1800DealADay allows users to save on products and services that would have been purchase at full price.

The website's subscribers will get a daily email alerts when a new deal is posted. Just like with most daily deal sites, for some deals, the deal is only good once a certain number of people agree to buy it within a 24-hour period with some deals lasting longer.

Please direct inquiries to:
Faye Gram
1-855-DealADay (1-855-332-5232)
email: 1855DealADay@gmail.com

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