Kara Edwards Wins Voicey Award for Best New Voice at Voices.com

Kara Edwards brings youth and vitality to voice overs, winning the Best New Voice Award for her vocal talents at the leading voice marketplace, Voices.com.

Toronto, Canada, March 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Kara Edwards ( http://karaedwards.voices.com ), a rising star in the voice over industry, was chosen by a panel of industry judges to win the Best New Voice Award at the 2007 Voicey Awards, sponsored by Voices.com, the Voice Marketplace.  Kara’s career in broadcast started at Radio Disney in the mid 1990s until 2001, honing her craft as an on-air personality.  Her background at Radio Disney and subsequent work at a radio station in Charlotte, NC for six years guided Kara down a road which would ultimately lead to making the gutsy decision to quit her day job as a radio personality in 2006 to pursue voice over as her full time profession.

It was through Radio Disney that Kara and her peers, all founding on-air personalities of Radio Disney, studied under the tutelage of Pat Fraley, a prominent voice acting coach and Hollywood voice artist.  Kara reminisces that she never knew until that moment that she had so many ‘voices’ in her head.  Pat Fraley pushed the team at Radio Disney to make all kinds of noises, sounds, and thoroughly explained character development.  Mr. Fraley was also instrumental in giving Kara the courage to go to her first audition in which she was cast as two main characters in DragonBall Z.  To this day, Pat Fraley’s audio CD lives in Kara’s iPod and is listened to regularly to keep her voice in form.

When asked about what her experience thus far in voice over has taught her, Kara intimated, “It would take a novel to explain everything I have learned these past months!  Being a voice actor is tough and requires much more work than I ever imagined.  Professional voice actors have more than just talent; they have business savvy and incredible drive.  I have to treat this as a business now, not just a hobby.  The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to ask questions!  Someone will be willing to answer them and help you out. This is a fantastic community.”

Kara also shared the following as her acceptance speech “I would like to thank Brian Haymond and Bob Souer for their help and kind words which are invaluable.  Thank you to DB Cooper for creating the VO-BB and to everyone that posts there; the advice and friendships mean everything to me as I start my new career.  Thank you to Stephanie and Voices.com; it is wonderful to have an avenue to find work, ask questions, and be noticed.  Thank you to the Voicey judges; this award means the world to me!  Finally, thank you to my wonderful husband for allowing me to destroy our guest bedroom and spend all his hard earned money on electronic gadgets. You’re all the support system I could ever need!”

Voices.com and Voicey Awards co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarelli says, “Kara Edwards is a ray of sunshine and has one of the most contagious personalities of the new generation of voice over talent today.  Her dedication and ambition to study and learn from others is key to her success, and along with her vocal talent, singled her out among thousands of voices to be honored as a Voicey Award winner.”

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About Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards began her career in the mid 90’s as a radio personality while voicing various anime roles and radio commercials on the side.  Kara made her dream of being a full-time voice actor a reality in late 2006.  She is most well known as the voices of Goten and Videl in “DragonBall Z”.  Other roles include Murugu in “Yu Yu Hakusho”; Celica in the recently released “Solty Rei”; Razzles in the upcoming US version of “Raggs”; plus many more.  Kara works from a studio in her home in Charlotte, NC and her voice can be heard on the radio, Internet, and television globally.  Being a voice actor is more than a job for Kara, it is her life’s passion.

Kara Edwards partial commercial client list includes: Blockbuster, Playmates Toys, Disney, Toys R’ Us, Snow Country, Raising Canes Chicken Fingers, Bowen Family Homes, Publix, Sona Medspa, Dee Cee Dreams, Peidmont Bank, KB Homes, Clinique, Kohl’s, Carrabas, UNCPembroke, Belk, Bojangles and Purina One.

About Voices.com

Based in London, Canada, Voices.com provides an online marketplace, facilitating transactions between business clients and voice-over professionals employing a comprehensive suite of web-based services. Clients that have worked at Voices.com include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, US Army, the US Government and more.

Stephanie Ciccarelli
Kara Edwards - Winner of the 2007 Voicey Award for Best New Voice