Celebrate Mother's Day with Blanket America by Donating Blankets to Those in Need on Behalf of Your Mother

Blanket America has created a new Mother's Day program, allowing people to donate blankets in their mothers' names and send cards with a discount code for Blanket America products.

New York, NY, May 04, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mother's Day is fast-approaching, and Blanket America is offering a new way to celebrate: customers can donate blankets to someone in need on behalf of their mothers at www.BlanketAmerica.com. Both the givers and their mothers will also receive discount codes for 20% off the entire Blanket America store, including blankets, sheet sets, and other textiles. As with all purchases, Blanket America will donate a blanket to the needy for every item purchased using the Mother's Day discount.

"A lot of mothers are the same - you ask them what they want for Mother's Day, and they say they don't want anything. This is a way to give them something and let them give something in turn. We're also eager to spread the word about Blanket America so that more people can learn about our unique BUY 1, GIVE 1 charity model, where we donate a blanket to charity for every purchase," said Mesh Gelman, co-founder of Blanket America.

To send Mother's Day cards and donate fleece blankets to Americans in need, shoppers need only to fill out a brief online form at www.BlanketAmerica.com/content/mothers-day-card. The primary card is digital, but visitors have the option of entering an address to send a physical card to their mothers as well.

On the days leading up to and following Mother's Day, recipients will receive a code for 20% off Blanket America merchandise. The Mother's Day Sale items range from chic and trendy Patricia Field beach towels, available for $25 with the discount, to 5- and 7-piece comforter sets, reduced to $100. Other gifts featured are a selection of Blanket America's pillows and throws, including one of their most popular items, the Patchwork Heritage Quilted Throw.

The Mother's Day Card program is similar to one Blanket America sponsored for Valentine's Day earlier this year - both feature cards bearing the sentiment "In your honor, a blanket has been given to an American in need."

"We like to do this sort of thing around the holidays, partially because we know people often get stuck for gift ideas, but mostly because this is one of the easiest ways to get people to help out. If you send the card before Mother's Day, your mother will get a special discount code to use on anything in the shop. You, the sender, will get the same code, so you can pick something out for your mom - no matter how much she might protest," said Gelman.

Blanket America is a child company of major textile manufacturer Extreme Linen, allowing the company to offer top-quality blankets, window treatments and other products at major discounts, in addition to donating fleece blankets to individuals in need. Extreme Linen is the major textile supplier for Macy's, J.C. Penney, Target and a number of other prominent stores, and passes this same level of quality along to its Blanket America products.

For more information on Blanket America and its special Mother's Day program, or to browse the blankets and other items offered, go to www.BlanketAmerica.com. Keep up to date with Blanket America at the company's Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/BlanketAmerica and Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/BlanketAmerica.

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