Blanket America Encourages Shoppers to Browse Its New Spring Line of Blankets and Cotton Sheet Set Styles

Bedding and blankets retailer Blanket America is celebrating spring with bright comforters and coordinating coverlets. - March 16, 2012

Blankets and Throws Seller Covers Los Angeles Mission Donations and More on Company YouTube

Blanket America, a manufacturer of sheet sets, comforters, and blankets for sale, is encouraging shoppers to visit its YouTube profile to learn more about the company's charitable endeavors. - March 15, 2012

Blanket America Introduces Signature Fleece Blankets to Trigger Automatic Donations to Charity

Blanket America is spotlighting its collection of signature fleece blankets, which are new to the site and currently on sale for short-term introductory prices. - March 14, 2012

New Sale Prices Announced on High End Cannes Comforter Set at American Blanket Company

Woven blanket merchant Blanket America recently announced its latest capsule sale, on its luxury line of Cannes bedding and home textiles. - February 16, 2012

Blanket America Announces New Short-Term Clearance Prices on Cotton Sheet Set Items and Other Bedding Products

Woven blanket specialist Blanket America is promoting its new clearance section items online, available for a brief time while supplies last. - February 15, 2012

Nominate Blankets and Throws Merchant Blanket America for a Service Review at

Blanket America, a blankets producer and charitable retailer, is encouraging its clientele to nominate it for a customer service review at consumer site - February 08, 2012

Blankets and Throws Retailer Blanket America Promotes Its New Selection of High Thread Count Sheet Sets

American blanket manufacturer and charitable organization Blanket America is spotlighting its newly enhanced high thread count cotton sheet set lines. - February 03, 2012

Woven Blankets Merchandiser Blanket America Promotes Discounted Neebo Dots Twin XL Sheet Set

American blanket retailer Blanket America is offering a nearly 50% discount on its Neebo Dots Twin XL 3PC Sheet Set at - January 22, 2012

American Blanket Manufacturer and Charity Organization Blanket America Announces Limited-Time $5 Flat-Rate Shipping Deal

Blanket America, a blankets retailer and charity that donates one blanket to the needy for every textile purchased, is announcing its limited-time $5 flat-rate shipping deal. - January 12, 2012

Blanket America Encourages Charity During the Holidays with CHOOSE HAITI Bracelets, T-Shirts and Blankets

Blankets retailer Blanket America is promoting its CHOOSE HAITI initiative in time for the holidays with colorful bracelets and t-shirts for sale. - January 04, 2012

Woven Blankets and Sheets Distributor Blanket America Promotes New Comforter Sets for Winter

Charitable blankets and throws manufacturer Blanket America is encouraging customers to stock up on warm, inexpensive bedding for the winter. - December 22, 2011

Charitable Fleece Blankets Merchandiser Blanket America Teams Up with Gap 1969 and Los Angeles Mission to Donate Blankets

Woven blanket retailer Blanket America and The Gap’s Gap 1969 brand have joined forces to hand out 1000 blankets at non-profit Los Angeles Mission. - December 15, 2011 Features Contemporary and Classic Blankets for Sale with New Tourmaline Bedspread

Blanket America is promoting its new Tourmaline line of bedding, which corresponds with many of the online store's blankets and throws. - December 02, 2011

Blanket America Provides 510 Blankets to Hurricane Irene Flooding Victims

Blanket America recently donated 510 fleece blankets to support flooding victims of Hurricane Irene in Greene County, N.Y. - November 25, 2011 Debuts Direct-from-Manufacturer Shower Curtains to Coordinate with Its Stock of Blankets and Throws

Blanket America is promoting its discounted shower curtains, which coordinate with many of the blankets manufacturer's other textiles for bedroom and bathroom use. - November 23, 2011

Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America Debuts New Camellia Comforter Set

Blanket America, leading blankets manufacturer and creator of the BUY 1, GIVE 1 charitable American blanket buying model, recently revealed its new Camellia seven-piece comforter set. - November 18, 2011

BUY 1, GIVE 1 Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America Offers Free Christmas Shipping on Orders of $75 or More

Blanket America - a woven blanket manufacturer, distributor, and BUY 1, GIVE 1 charity - is urging customers to take advantage of its blankets and shipping deals. - November 17, 2011

American Blanket Retailer Blanket America Spotlights New Products Including Enchantment Feather Throw

Woven blanket manufacturer Blanket America is currently featuring special savings on its new Enchantment Feather Throw, a part of its blankets and throws collection. - November 12, 2011

Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America Highlights New Seven Piece Carmen Comforter Set

Blanket America is promoting its new Carmen line of bedding, in addition to the store's existing cotton sheet sets, blankets and throws that can complement this new style. - November 03, 2011

Blanket America Introduces New Casablanca Comforter Set with Coordinating Sheets and Blankets for Sale

Blanket America, a blankets and bedding manufacturer, is showcasing its brand new Casablanca comforter set. - October 20, 2011

New Aqua Enchanted Toile Bedspread Now Available at Woven Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America

Blanket America, a charitable blankets manufacturer, has introduced its popular Enchanted Toile bedspread in a new aqua color. - October 13, 2011

Blanket America Offers New Selection of Discounted Comforters and Blankets

Blanket America is promoting the Willow Comforter Set, on sale at 50% off its original price, with discounts on other blankets and throws to complement the set. - October 12, 2011

Blanket America Launches New Comforters, Blankets and Throws for Fall

Blankets and throws store Blanket America is promoting its newly expanded fall textile collection, including the Floral Toile bedding set. - October 05, 2011 Promotes Back to School Specials on Its Sheets, Blankets and More

Blankets retailer Blanket America is encouraging students to take advantage of the company's back to school savings to decorate their rooms with a new cotton sheet set, woven blanket, or other discount textile. - September 25, 2011

Buy a California King Cotton Sheet Set on Sale and Give a Blanket to Americans in Need at

Blankets and throws manufacturer Blanket America is showcasing its 22-piece California King cotton sheet set sale, featuring select items over 60% off their listing prices. - September 21, 2011

Get Back to School Savings on Blankets and Throws from

Blanket America, a blankets and linens retailer, is now promoting back to school savings on all its home essentials for upperclassmen. - September 02, 2011 Promotes Back to School Bargains on Fleece Blankets and More

American blanket retailer Blanket America is now offering great savings on all back to school bedroom essentials including sheets, towels, blankets and throws. - August 26, 2011

Blanket America Promotes New Drapes and Valances Along with Matching Blankets and Bedding Sets

Blanket America, a textile manufacturer interested in humanitarianism, is offering sales on drapes and valances to match its discount cotton sheet set packs. - August 18, 2011

Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America Takes Its Signature Star Spangled Blanket on a Tour of New York City

Charitable textile manufacturer Blanket America has expanded its collection of blankets and other homewares with the addition of the Star Spangled Blanket, which staff members recently took on a tour of New York City. - August 11, 2011

Blanket America Offers Free Shipping on Bedding and Blankets for Sale and 40% Off Beach Towels During Mid Summer Sale

Blanket America's new Mid Summer Sale is offering free shipping when shoppers buy blankets, pillows and more in orders over $75, plus 20% off towels and 40% off beach towels. Members of Blanket America’s email list will receive additional savings. - August 04, 2011

Blanket America Presents New TAG 2 WIN Facebook Contest Giving Away Blankets and More

Charitable manufacturer Blanket America is holding regular TAG 2 WIN giveaways on Facebook offering an assortment of prizes including cotton sheet set kits, window treatments, blankets and throws. - July 29, 2011

Blanket America Offers Free Woven and Fleece Blankets with New Youtube Contest

Blanket America is launching a new Youtube promotion where visitors can win woven and fleece blankets by subscribing to and commenting on the company's latest video. - July 21, 2011

Add Color to the Bedroom with New Bright, Reversible Comforter Sets from Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America just enhanced its selection of sheet sets, blankets and throws with new brightly colored comforters great for the summer, including several reversible sheet sets. - June 30, 2011

Stay Cool and Comfortable in the Summer with Cotton Sheet Set Bargains from Blanket America is promoting its cotton sheet set discounts to help shoppers find light, comfy summer bedding at affordable prices. - June 23, 2011

Support Haiti with 100% Recycled Handmade Beads of Hope Necklace from Blanket America

Blanket America, a charitable manufacturer of sheets, blankets and throws, recently expanded its CHOOSE HAITI line to include the all-new Beads of Hope bracelet and necklace. - June 15, 2011

Patricia Field Beach Towels on Sale for Summer at Blankets Seller

Charitable blankets provider Blanket America is promoting its line of Patricia Field beach towels, discounted for a limited time to $19.99 apiece. - June 12, 2011

Blanket America Customers Can Buy Discounted California King Sheet Sets to Go with Their Blankets

Blanket America has significantly lowered the cost of its California king sheet sets, letting customers more easily update their cotton sheet set collections. - June 10, 2011

Blanket America Teams Up with Operation Once in a Lifetime to Donate Blankets to Soldiers and Debuts Star Spangled Throw

Blanket America and non-profit Operation Once in a Lifetime have come together in the name of helping American soldiers by providing them with blankets. Every time someone buys something from the Blanket America webstore - including the all-new Blanket America Star Spangled Throw - and enters “soldier” at checkout, a blanket will be donated to a soldier. - May 19, 2011

Blanket America Gives Facebook Fans New Incentive to Buy Blankets with

Blanket America has expanded its Facebook presence with a second page, created specifically to provide its fans with daily deals on blankets and other products. - May 12, 2011

Employers Can Buy Blankets and Double the Love with Charitable Corporate Gifting Textiles from

Blanket America, a charitable textile manufacturer online at, just launched a corporate program to facilitate embedded giving for businesses all kinds, with a variety of blankets, pillows and other products available. - May 06, 2011

Celebrate Mother's Day with Blanket America by Donating Blankets to Those in Need on Behalf of Your Mother

Blanket America has created a new Mother's Day program, allowing people to donate blankets in their mothers' names and send cards with a discount code for Blanket America products. - May 04, 2011

Charitable Fleece Blankets Manufacturer Blanket America Launches ‘America Campaign’ on Facebook

In an effort to liven up its Facebook fan page, fleece blankets manufacturer Blanket America has created a fun new campaign using Facebook’s new Questions feature. - April 23, 2011

Win Daily Giveaways from Charitable Woven Blanket Manufacturer Blanket America at

Blanket America, a charitable blankets manufacturer, is offering 30 days of free giveaways on - April 13, 2011

Textile Manufacturer and Charitable Outreach Organization Blanket America Adds Customizable Curtains to Its Extensive Selection of Blankets, Bedding, and Other Linens

Blanket America, a textile manufacturer and charitable outreach organization, added customizable curtains to its selection of fleece blankets, cotton sheet sets, and other items available for sale as part of its “Buy 1, Give 1” charity model. - March 31, 2011

Blanket America Launches New Microsite,, Where Visitors Can Ask Company to "Help My State" with Blankets and Other Donated Textiles

Blanket America, a blanket manufacturer and charitable organization, expanded its community outreach program with the launch of a new website: - March 26, 2011

Shoppers Can Buy Blankets, Comforters and Other New Items Every Week at

Blanket America, a textile manufacturer that gives a blanket to the needy for every purchase made, has been adding new blankets, comforters and other products to its online store on a weekly basis. - March 17, 2011

Blanket America Launches New Student Discount Blankets Program

Blanket America has launched a new program offering registered students a 20% discount on all blankets. - March 11, 2011

Blanket America Streamlines Charity with BUY 1, GIVE 1 Fleece Blankets, Sheets and More

Blanket America offers a unique BUY 1, GIVE 1 value proposition to consumers, donating a fleece blanket to a needy organization or individual for every blanket purchased on - March 04, 2011

Blanket America BUY 1, GIVE 1 Patchwork Heritage Quilt on Sale for 70% Off on President's Day is celebrating President's Day by offering its best-selling Patchwork Heritage Quilt on sale for 70% off. The quilt features the full text of President Obama's inspiring 2009 inaugural address. - February 20, 2011

Blanket America and Anna’s Linens Provide BUY 1, GIVE 1 Blankets to Address Domestic Poverty

Blanket America and Anna’s Linens have teamed up to support needy individuals and groups by selling BUY 1, GIVE 1 blankets starting at $14.99. - February 18, 2011

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