Creative Bube Tube Has a Style to Fit Hakim Optical’s Every Advertising Need

Milton, Canada, May 05, 2011 --( Hakim Optical continued to collaborate with the ingenious team at Creative Bube Tube to create a new commercial that maintains the young and hip image Hakim has adopted. Their previous campaign created by Creative Bube Tube has shown such great results that Hakim wanted a new concept to give a fresh start to the summer sales.

The commercial focuses on the love interest between a young man and woman who both live in the same building. As the situations change, the style of their glasses change to match. The whole commercial was shot in an elevator at a Toronto airport hotel, but showed different periods of time. “The idea was to be able to show the versatility and selection that Hakim Optical offers. Not only that but everyone loves a good love story, combining the two created the perfect advertisement to attract those looking to create their own unique style,” said Creative Director Darren Scaravelli.

Hakim Optical offers competitive prices for a variety of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. With over forty years of experience, they have earned a solid reputation for providing reliable customer service and irresistible offers. This gives them an advantage over their competitors. “Once again, I was amazed with the finished product from Creative Bube Tube. It’s not only those who were on set that day but extends past to the hard work put in by the creative team in designing the commercial and the editors for making the commercial crisp and clean,” says Advertising Director, John Worden. This new commercial also coincides perfectly with Hakim Optical’s new Big 3D promotion! The discount increases as number of eye wear purchases increases in one transaction. Hakim truly is giving its consumers the opportunity to literally find “a style to fit their every look.”

“This commercial couldn’t have been released at a better time! We made sure that the timing of the release would be the most beneficial for Hakim! Especially with their promotion going on currently and the attractive qualities of the advertisement sales are sure to be booming in the summer months!” said Head of Sales Representative at Creative Bube Tube, Katherine McLaren.

About Hakim Optical:
Hakim Optical started over 40 years ago when Founder Karim Hakimi began grinding lenses for the Canadian wholesale market. With the idea to pass on his wholesale prices to the public, the Hakim Optical retail chain was born. Today Hakim Optical continues to serve the public with low wholesale pricing and top of the line fashion with 155 outlets in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba. To Locate a Hakim store closest to you phone us at Tel.: (416) 924-8866 or Toll-Free: 1-877-524-2020 or go online at

About Creative Bube Tube:
Creative Bube Tube continues to revolutionize television marketing and advertising by producing superior quality commercials at affordable costs. Backed by a single team of industry experts, Creative Bube Tube puts their own twist on the old school practices of television advertising by cutting out the middleman and working for You. These one-source specialists offer creative, commercial production and media buying. By keeping each project in-house, Creative Bube Tube cuts costs by allocating all of your budgeted dollars towards increasing your sales, not minimizing your slices of the pie. The production company works not only on commercials and infomercials but also provides numerous services including but not limited to: Research and Project Development, Creative Conceptualization, Storyboards, Location Scouting, Casting and Scripting, Set Design, Studio Production, Professional Lighting & Audio, Professional Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up, Directing and Creative Supervision, Full Service Editing, Special Effects, Graphics and Animation, and a wide variety of Voice Over Talent. The brilliant team has worked with numerous clients worldwide, including Axiom Group Inc., New Beacon Financial, AllMax Nutrition, Hauser Furniture, Touchstone Resort, Hakim Optical, Slimband, AvVaa World Health Products and Skin Vitality Medical Spas. For more information on Creative Bube Tube, visit us online at

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