New Thriller Novel to be Released Tomorrow

New Thriller Novel to be Released Tomorrow

"The Deadliest Game" was written by Hal Ross, President of RP Toys, and will be released tomorrow, Nov 6, 2013. - November 05, 2013

Toy Executive to Release New Thriller Novel

Toy Executive to Release New Thriller Novel

Hal Ross, President of RP Toys, will release his new thriller novel on November 6, 2013. "The Deadliest Game" weaves a horrifying and unthinkable tale of a terrorist plot against U.S. consumers using a toy company and the owner as a key to the plot's success. - September 12, 2013

Become Fierce with More Makeup, Shoes, Jewellery and Beauty Tips Than You’ll Know What to do With

On May 4th to 6th 2012, join National Event Management at the Metro Toronto Convention centre with America’s Next Top Model Live. Attendees will gain a look inside the beauty, fashion and modelling industries while enjoying incredible shopping and pampering. - May 03, 2012

Merlin in My Pocket "Discovers the Magic" of Winning an International Book Award

With the help and creative direction of the incredible team at Creative Bube Tube, President and Founder of Merlin in My Pocket, Deborah Johnson, released her first award winning book; "Discover the Magic: A Guide to Understanding Others and YOU." - July 01, 2011

Optical Factory Promotes Their Annual Sale by Using Creative Bube Tube’s Advertising Expertise

Independently Owned, Optical Factory looked to Television Marketing Solution, Creative Bube Tube to amp up their advertising efforts in time to promote their summer sales. - July 01, 2011

Stan W. Tait Broadcasts His Story of the Angel Pendant with a Commercial Produced by Creative Bube Tube

Stan W. Tait, Owner, and President of Stan W. Tait Jewellery looked to Television Marketing Solution, Creative Bube Tube to promote his unique and inspirational Sterling Silver Jewellery brand, The Angel Pendant by Stan W Tait. - July 01, 2011

Lifemates Canada Has Found Their Perfect Match with Creative Bube Tube Based on Core Advertising Needs

Confidence is sexy, and Creative Bube Tube displayed that confidence in their ability to create successful advertising campaigns that attracted Lifemates to join forces with the advertising agency. The pair plan to show Canada that Lifemates is not just another online dating site. The advertising... - May 10, 2011

Creative Bube Tube Has a Style to Fit Hakim Optical’s Every Advertising Need

Hakim Optical continued to collaborate with the ingenious team at Creative Bube Tube to create a new commercial that maintains the young and hip image Hakim has adopted. Their previous campaign created by Creative Bube Tube has shown such great results that Hakim wanted a new concept to give a... - May 05, 2011

Rastin & Associates Emphasize Their Strength, Experience and Compassion by Advertising with Creative Bube Tube

Rastin & Associates Personal Injury Law pride themselves on helping victims of serious accidents recover with fair compensation and help to relieve the stress of dealing with insurance companies. To promote awareness of this compassionate and caring firm Rastin & Associates teamed up with... - May 03, 2011

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