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7 Signs of Lying: Massachusetts Private Investigator, Michael A. Coller, Discusses the Signs of Lying on WAQY - Rock 102.1 FM

Michael A. Coller, founder and President of MAC Investigations, Essex County, Massachusetts discusses his new "7 Signs of Lying" CD on the Bax and O'Brien Morning Show, on WAQY - Rock 102.1 FM

Peabody, MA, May 07, 2011 --( 07:11 AM: WAQY's hit morning show Bax and O'Brien banter back and forth about which of them is a Liar. Moments later, Massachusetts Private Investigator, Michael Coller gets on the air and his first words are "Good morning gentlemen, for the record...You Are Both Liars!"

The next 12 minutes of the interview proved to be entertaining and well as extremely informative. Bax and O'Brien questioned Mr. Coller about his "7 Signs of Lying" CD and about how listeners can catch someone telling a lie.

Mr. Coller touched on his "Honesty" model, to easily recall the tell-tell signs that a liar will demonstrate:

O-Open Posture
Y-Ask Why

In his new CD, Mr. Coller speaks in detail about each of the signs as well as giving listeners an opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind mental visual imagery. As any elite athlete prepares in their mind prior to a competition, Mr. Coller trains listeners to use the power of their mind to rehearse the scenario with the suspected liar, before actually performing it. This way the listener will feel relaxed while questioning the subject.

Mr. Coller also explained that a "base line" is created after questioning a subject repeatedly on questions that will provide a truthful answer. After many of these questions, subjects will appear "different" if they are asked a question and respond with a lie.

Listeners were engaged for the entire interview and surely entertained as well.

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Based near Springfield, Massachusetts, WAQY talk show hosts, Michael A. Baxendale and John O'Brien, have had the most listened to and influential radio show in Western New England since 1995.

Private Investigator, Michael A. Coller brings more than 20 years experience as a leader in corporate security, having worked for several major retail chains, handling firearms background checks, loss prevention services and internal investigations.

Mr. Coller is licensed by the Massachusetts State Police as a Private Investigator. He also a sworn Constable within Essex County.

Mr. Coller is a member of L.P.D.A.M.
Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts, Inc.

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