Online Auto Insurance Outlines Dangers of Driving Uninsured

Houston, TX, May 13, 2011 --( Car insurance is an expensive product, and some of the most conservative drivers might use the protection it provides only a few times in their driving careers. So then why spend what could add up to tens of thousands of dollars in premiums over the course of a lifetime? In a new FAQ, the writers at spell out the legal and financial reasons that drivers should get covered.

First of all, motorists want to get covered to satisfy state financial responsibility requirements and avoid suspensions of fines.

Lone Star State residents, for example, would do well to look for cheap liability car insurance in Texas before deciding to hit the road uninsured. In that state, a first conviction could leave the offender with an initial fine of between $175 and $250. While this may not seem too bad, the first offense could actually end up costing more than $1,000. That’s because state laws say that those convicted driving uninsured are slapped with an annual surcharge of $250 for three years.


A handful of other examples of states with fines for driving without insurance: Pennsylvania, which has a minimum fine of $300; Utah, which has a minimum fine of $400; Alabama, which has a maximum $500 fine for a first offense; and Delaware, which has a minimum $1,500 fine for a first offense and a minimum $3,000 fine for each subsequent offense within a three-year period.

Secondly, motorists may want to get insured in order to avoid running into financial disaster after an accident.

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance, for example, strongly advises drivers in the state to purchase coverage, even though they can forgo coverage legally by paying a $500 fee. Regulators warn consumer that choosing to drive uninsured means that, in the event of an accident, “your home, wages and other assets may be taken to pay any valid claims against you.”

To learn more about this and other car insurance issues, readers can go to where they will have access to informative resource pages and a free-to-use quote-comparison generator.

To access the FAQ, visitors can follow the “Questions” link located at the top of any page on the site.

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Benjamin Zitney