Bionic Device Maker Posts Video of a "Leverage Trick" to Greatly Strengthen Weak or Debilitated Knees

During the development of Body Oars, bionic fitness devices that divert exercise forces around joints and bones, an engineer discovered a leverage trick that could greatly strengthen many if not most weak or debilitated knees, without compressing the knee joint. has since posted a 1 minute instruction for this at

Columbus, OH, May 17, 2011 --( An engineers from High Efficiency Fitness Corp, ( the firm that builds a line of bionic exercise devices for firefighters and police, discovered a painless "leverage trick" that may rapidly, massively and painlessly strengthen most weak or debilitated knees. It works because it prevents knee joint compression, while still deeply working the muscles that operate the knees.

The only equipment needed is a comfortable swimming pool or hot tub to sit in. The1 minute video they made of this trick is called "How to Massively Strengthen Weak Knees" and it is posted at

According to Body Oars spokesman Craig Wise, "Folks with weak or debilitated knees are often taught to do the 'Bicycle Motion' as they sit in water. Although that exercise is better then doing nothing, having both the hips and knees move simultaneously allows most of the drag resistance force to escape back into the water, using very little too hinder the muscles that operate the knees."

As far as exercises are concerned "resistance" is the force that hinders joints and muscles, too work them hard enough to build up muscle strength.

He continued: "However if the hips and upper body are held motionless while only the knees perform a wide walking motion, the resistance has only one path of dissipation, which is directly opposing (hindering) the muscle contractions that swing the knees."

He explained, "Because the motion resistance force pushes against the lower legs and feet, instead of being jammed up leg bones, as with most exercises, the muscles that swing the knees can be deeply exercised in both forward and reverse directions, with far less knee compression then standing still."

Their "trick" shown in the video is simply to hold hips together and absolutely motionless, so that only the lower legs are moving (in opposing directions) for as far as they can comfortably go.

Their research shows that "Static" (motionless) hips allow the muscles that operate the knees to work at least 8 times harder then doing the bicycle motion. The difference is so apparent they always have people start with the bicycle motion, then lock up their hips and instantly they feel their knee muscles deeply engage.

Wise says, "Suddenly locking the hips while doing the bicycle motion is like shifting a car from neutral into low gear going up hill."

In conclusion he said, "Doing just 100 reps 3 times a week increases the efficiency of exercising weak knee muscles so dramatically that you should never apply full blast effort, just sweep as wide a motion range as is comfortable.

Enter "Strengthen Weak Knees" at and this video usually lists first (non-sponsored) videos. You can also find it at, by clicking "Videos" on their home page.

As with any new exercise always check with your doctors before trying it.

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