The Introduction to No-Limitt, and His New Afrolife Master Sound, is Evident on His Debut CD Released by Tropical Records

Gbakurumo (Hold On), is the No-Limitt answer to an Afrolife Master sound is set to be released on Tropical Records on May 24th.

New York, NY, May 22, 2011 --( The boundless energy with No-Limitt is the picture of what accompanies the sounds of an Afrolife Master beat, and with the release of Gbakurumo (Hold On) on May 24th, the Nigeria music artist can show that to the world. The albums harmonies are perfect with conga drums and his incredible lead vocal on every one of the ten songs being released on Tropical (Records). The album Gbakurumo (Hold On) brings excitement, if anything, in that Afrobeat music is popular today; Gbakurumo (Hold On) is an accessible and colorful World Music CD release.

“This is an important time to be a part of the development of Nigerian world music,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Tropical Records. And he says that “No-Limitt is the perfect Nigerian music artist and band leader to get his message to the rest of the world.” (Don) Lichterman also says that “the album is a vital work of contemporary World Music,” or what is described as an “Afrolife Master” sound or “Afrobeat.”

No-Limitt and the ensemble on the brand new CD release, is a great sounding band with a great sounding new CD, Gbakurumo (Hold On), with hints of dub, hip hop and world music. The full length album is filled with ten songs, the first single, Imele (God You've Done It), being worked to radio in May this year. The album is set to hit stores everywhere beginning on May 24th.

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