Costa Rica Targets Spring Breakers

Costa Rica aims for Top 10 Spring Break destinations.

Costa Rica Targets Spring Breakers
San Jose, Costa Rica, March 14, 2007 --( With the launch of “Spring Break Costa Rica 2007,” Costa Rica has announced its entry into the Spring Break travel market, a segment of the travel industry it has largely ignored in the past.

Targeting U.S. and Canadian College students, using an interactive website,, featuring photos, stories and videos. Costa Rica hopes to become a top 10 spring break destination by 2008, taking on well established rivals Mexico, Texas and Florida.

Featuring, sandy palm tree lined beaches, a lively party scene, sunny warm weather, and its close proximity to most U.S. airline hubs (Costa Rica is only a 2 ½ hour flight from Miami). Spending Spring Break in Costa Rica would seem a logical choice, for U.S. and Canadian University students.

Asked why College and University students haven’t chosen Costa Rica for their spring breaks, instead opting for Mexico or locations in the U.S. such as Florida and Texas:

“Costa Rica has always been popular, with U.S. and Canadian College students, who mainly traveled to Costa Rica during the summer months. However, until “Spring Break Costa Rica” was launched, Costa Rica did not actively promote itself as a spring break alternative,” explains Ramsay Mameesh - spokesperson for “Spring Break Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica has an incredible beach and party scene, just like every other major spring break destination, but “Spring Break Costa Rica” includes nature and environmental activities not found in Texas, Florida, and at most locations in Mexico. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, famous for its National Park, wildlife and stunning beaches, was chosen to host the first “Spring Break Costa Rica.”

“We believe that once U.S. and Canadian college students experience Costa Rica spring break, word will spread on campuses, and Costa Rica will become a permanent spring break destination. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if Paris Hilton happens to show up in Costa Rica,” added Ramsay Mameesh.

“Spring Break Costa Rica” offers U.S. and Canadian student packages starting at just $295 per person per week.

More information about “Spring Break Costa Rica”, including Spring Break photos and video, can be found on their website, located at

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