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People looking for quality radio, television, narration copy and scripts for telephone recordings discover the best royalty-free scripts at

New York, NY, March 15, 2007 --( The need for royalty-free customizable scripts has greatly increased due to new services such as Google Audio Ads and the Google Ad Creation Marketplace.  Instead of writing and producing ads from scratch, many savvy businesses are turning to prefabricated commercial script collections such as The Voice Over Script Collection and the Commercial Scripts for Radio and Television Ads at

Competitively priced, each script collection contains more than 50 original scripts to meet the needs of first time advertisers and busy ad agencies alike, offering original content that can be customized to meet the needs of any project including the recording of telephone systems, radio commercials, audio for television commercials, Interactive Voice Response, and more.

One of the greatest benefits of these scripts is that the Commercial Scripts for Radio and Television Commercials come complete with voice casting and script interpretation suggestions, helping to give a voice artist hired to record the audio much appreciated guidance and ideas for music production and sound effects.  These details prove a strategic advantage to clients who outsource their production projects as the hard work is already done, expediting the recording of the voice over and delivery of the final product. co-founder and copywriter, Stephanie Ciccarelli says, “These scripts are ideal for people who need to get a project off the ground without having to lay all of the groundwork first.  The amount of effort required to customize these scripts is quite minimal, however, the immediate creative results, cost and time savings are out of this world.” focuses on creating experiences and success through simplicity as is demonstrated by their attention to clients who need creative services, whether they be voice over recordings or preproduction related. This emphasis on customer care before and after a voice over is added to a project sets apart as a leader and facilitator of premium quality audio productions.

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