Village Gallery Presents Body Painter Craig Tracy in Person

Craig Tracy "Painted Alive" Show. Watch in person as Craig incorporates a human body into a canvas composition.

Village Gallery Presents Body Painter Craig Tracy in Person
Irvine, CA, June 11, 2011 --( Body Painting Artist Craig Tracy will be creating his latest "Painted Alive" Masterpiece on Saturday June 11th at Village Gallery Irvine.

Village Gallery Irvine Spectrum
59 Fortune Drive (Near Edwards Cinema)
Irvine, CA 92618
Saturday June 11th from 6-10 PM

Born and raised in New Orleans, La, USA, Craig Tracy has always been an artist. Craig credits New Orleans with its authentic and vibrant culture as a significant factor in what is at the heart of his passion, creativity and bliss. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness an unusual artist at work.

It was this regained freedom to paint for both himself and other individuals on a limitless variety of surfaces again, that lead him to his inclusion of faces and then full bodies. "It really clicked, from the very first time that I painted a face, it was strangely powerful. I later realized that I had quiet literally fallen in love with Bodypainting."

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Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy